NAZ Flora: A Photographic, Annotated Catalog of Northern Arizona Vascular Plants, published by Mindbird Maps & Books


Gourd or Cucumber Family

Apodanthera undulata.  MELON-LOCO.  Perennial vine.  Southern Yavapai County, 2500-5500 feet [McD].

Cucurbita digitata.  FINGERLEAF GOURD.  Perennial.  Southern Yavapai County, 5000 feet or lower [McD].

Cucurbita foetidissima.  BUFFALO GOURD.  MISSOURI GOURD.  Perennial.  Throughout region at 3500-7000 feet [McD].

Cucurbita palmata.  COYOTE-MELON.  COYOTE GOURD.  Perennial.  Western Mohave County, 3000 feet or lower [McD].  In Kingman, Mohave County, at 3500 feet [LD].

Echinocystis lobata.  WILD CUCUMBER.  Annual.  Flagstaff and Oak Creek Canyon, Coconino County [McD].

Marah gilensis.  GILA MANROOT.  Perennial.  Reported from Mohave County, found in Yavapai County, 5000 feet and lower [McD].  Mohave County in Cook Canyon watershed west of Kingman, ca. 3500 feet [LD].

Sicyos ampelophyllus.  STREAMSIDE BUR-CUCUMBER.  Annual.  Reported from Yavapai County, 4000-5500 feet [McD].

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