NAZ Flora: A Photographic, Annotated Catalog of Northern Arizona Vascular Plants, published by Mindbird Maps & Books


USGS Arizona shaded relief map showing Northern Arizona Flora coverage.

Elevation scale.Shaded relief map of Arizona, showing boundary of Northern Arizona Flora coverage.  The boundary follows the southern borders of Mohave and Yavapai counties in the west, and the southern borders of Navajo and Apache counties in the far east.  In between, it follows the mid-eastern boundary of Gila County (at the crest of the Mazatzal Mountains), then follows the Salt and Black rivers eastward—the only deviation from county boundaries.  The rest of the coverage, of course, is bordered by the boundaries of the northern part of the state itself.

Scale at left is a key to the colors employed on the map, indicating the elevation ranges represented.  Many maps using a color system for representing elevation use the darkest greens for the lowest elevations—a scheme which is counter-intuitive for Arizona, since the lowest areas are usually the hottest and least verdant.  This one wisely uses green for higher elevations which in this state are more likely to be wooded.  But it is an imperfect system, for the areas tinted in light green are the ones most likely to be heavily forested in northern Arizona.

Digital Elevation Model shaded-relief map and elevation scale produced by the U.S. Geological Survey, with NAZ Flora border and place names added by Lee Dittmann.

The future plan for development of this section is to make the map above "clickable" with links to more detailed topographic maps on other pages.

This page last revised 9 April 2009.

Northern Arizona Flora
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