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Buckthorn Family

Ceanothus fendleri.  BUCK BRUSH.  FENDLER'S CEANOTHUS.  Shrub.  Throughout region at 5000-10,000 feet [McD].

Ceanothus greggii.  DESERT CEANOTHUS.  Shrub.  Mohave, Yavapai, and Coconino counties, 3000-7000 feet [McD].

Ceanothus integerrimus.  DEERBRUSH.  Shrub.  Found in Yavapai and southern Coconino counties, 3500-7000 feet [McD].

Ceanothus martinii.  MARTIN'S CEANOTHUS.  Shrub.  Reported on the north side of the Grand Canyon and on Kaibab Plateau, in northern Coconino County, at 7500-8500 feet [McD].

Frangula betulifolia ssp. betulifolia (=Rhamnus betulaefolia).  BIRCHLEAF BUCKTHORN.  Shrub.  Found in southern Coconino and Apache counties, at 3500-7000 feet, may also occur in eastern Yavapai and southern Navajo counties [McD].

Frangula betulifolia ssp. obovata (=Rhamnus betulaefolia var. obovata).  BIRCHLEAF BUCKTHORN.  Shrub.  Found in northern Coconino County, may also occur in northern Mohave and Navajo counties [McD].  Grand Canyon National Park, Bright Angel Trail [LD].

Frangula californica ssp. ursina (=Rhamnus californica ssp. ursina).  COFFEEBERRY.  CALIFORNIA BUCKTHORN.  Shrub.  Hualapai Mountains of Mohave County, and in Yavapai and southern Coconino counties, 3500-6500 feet [McD].

Rhamnus ilicifolia (=Rhamnus crocea ssp. ilicifolia).  HOLLY-LEAF BUCKTHORN.  HOLLYLEAF REDBERRY.  Shrub.  Found in Mohave, Yavapai, and Coconino counties, 3000-7000 feet [McD, who listed R. crocea; the description he gives, however, matches the description of R. ilicifolia as treated in the much more recent Hickman, The Jepson Manual, and not the related R. crocea, so I have used the former name].

Rhamnus smithii.  SMITH'S BUCKTHORN.  Shrub.  Reported from White Mountains of Apache County [McD].

Ziziphus obtusifolia var. canescens (=Condalia lycioides var. canescens).  GRAY-THORN.  LOTEBUSH.  Shrub.  Found in Mohave, Yavapai, and Coconino counties, 1000-5000 feet [McD].

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