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Pinus edulis

Colorado Pinyon; "Pinyon Pine"

A member of the Pinaceae, the Pine Family

Since the word "pinyon" is derived from the Spanish for "pine", the name "Pinyon Pine" is redundant.  The name pinyon (in Spanish, piñon) is reserved for the "nut pines," those with large edible seeds.

Open cones with seeds, Pinus edulis, Coconino National Forest.

Open cones, with mature seeds.
Coconino National Forest: At Painted Desert Overlook at 6200 feet.

14 September 2004.


Habit of Pinus edulis along rim of Grand Canyon.

Habit, along South Rim between Grandeur Point and Rim Lodges,
Grand Canyon National Park.

29 March 2002.


Foliage detail, Grand Canyon National Park.

Foliage detail.
South of Grand Canyon Village, Grand Canyon National Park.

9 April 2002.


Detail of immature cones of Pinus edulis, Grand Canyon National Park.

Branch with immature cones.
Along path west of Market Plaza, Grand Canyon National Park.

5 July 2002.


Seedling of Pinus edulis, Grand Canyon National Park.

Juvenile (could be several years old).
South of Grand Canyon Village, Grand Canyon National Park.

9 April 2002.


New growth

New growth "candles" at top of small tree.
Along Greenway Trail between Mather Point and Pipe Spring Overlook, Grand Canyon National Park.

13 June 2002.

Photographs copyright © Lee Dittmann.

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