2-stage snow blowers vs 3 stage: Which Is Better?

2-stage snow blowers vs 3 stage: Which Is Better?

If you are buying some stuff online, it could be difficult telling the factors that make one model of the same or similar machines differ from the other. This is the case for snow blowers as there are different snow blower sizes and you may ask yourself “what kind of snow blower do I need?” 

Three-stage snow blowers follow the same stages followed by the two-stage snow blowers; however, the former adds one stage more. In this added stage, another auger is used in breaking up icy or compacted snow. Therefore, using a three-stage snow blower ensures that users will handle difficult snow formations easily.  

To compare further, we have prepared this buying guide to help you understand the difference between 2 stage snow blower vs 3 stage snow blowers. This will help you choose the right model to suit your needs.

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Our Recommended Picks

Our Recommended pick for 2 stage Snow Blower: Husqvarna ST224 24-Inch 208cc Snow Blower

Our top choice for 2 stage snow blowers is the Husqvarna ST224 24-Inch 208cc. This snow blower can cut through tall, slushy, or even snow that is compacted. If you are dealing with powdery, soft snow, then you will surely handle this task faster than the weaker units

Users of this snow blower will love the way it operates, most especially because it propels itself. There’s no need for hard pushing. The only set back of this lovely unit is that it comes with just one reverse gear which is even slower.

The heated handlebar and the electric starter will make the user feel unstoppable. Even darkness will not be a barrier as it comes with LED headlights. Generally, this two-stage snow blower is great!

  • LED headlights present
  • Power
  • Electric starter
  • Handle grips are heated
  • It comes with just one reverse gear, which is even slow

Our Recommended Pick for 3-stage Snow blower: Troy-Bilt Vortex 2690 3-stage snow blower

The Troy-Bilt Vortex 2690 3 stage snow blower comes with so many benefits that it is very difficult to put them all in just one review. This model is a self-propelled one and takes things to a different level by adding another special feature “one-hand operation” – what this means is that users can drive the unit just with one hand.

Also, it comes with a chute control. With this, users can move the snow wherever they desire. The most important of all its features is its very strong and powerful engine that can handle any type of snow, no matter how difficult it is. It will also pass through easy snow with great speed. Its large tires also help in getting over any possible obstacle in the area.

The only downside of this snow blower is its weight. It is quite heavy.

  • It has a strong and powerful engine
  • It has massive tires
  • 4-way pitch control
  • One-handed operation
  • It is heavy

Three Stage Snow Blower Review

What is a Three Stage Snow Blower?

Although three-stage snow blowers are a new revolution regarding snow blowing, it came to be over four decades ago.

Three-stage snow blowers follow the same stages as the two-stage snow blowers, just that it adds one more stage, which is called the accelerator.

With this accelerator, snow can be driven quickly through the impeller, allowing these three-stage snow blowers to clear up the snow and complete the job within a very short time.

Though they have many similar features as the two-stage snow blowers, they have more speed, power and focus in getting rid of heavy snow.

One important point to note is that these machines are large and strong and require a professional to maintain it. These blowers are great for those living in areas having extremely high snow and hoping to get in before the break.  

Difference between 2 Stage and 3 Stage Snow Blower

This will come as a surprise to some people, but the striking difference between them is that a three-stage snow blower comes with an accelerator, which is absent in a 2-stage model.

This accelerator allows the three-stage snow blowers to collect snow 50% faster compared to the two-stage models. Even with this, the snow blowers will not slow down while packing the snow even when handling more significant snowdrifts.

Therefore, when we talk about the snow blowing aspect, the three-stage model is a superior option compared to the two-stage model. However, there is a big issue here, which is maintenance. Three-stage models are works of art, and because pure power is released from its engine, there’s a need to hire a professional to maintain the device. 

What this means is that, though a three-stage snow blower will handle your massive snowdrifts, this will require a lot of money and time for it to be stored and well maintained compared to a two-stage model.  

Now, after reading through this guide to this point, you might have this question in mind – Are 3 stage snow blowers worth it? Now, this is the question that comes up your mind after going through the features of 3 stage snow blowers as well as its drawback. Of course, three-stage snow blowers are worth it if you have to deal with massive snowdrifts. They also work faster than the 2 stage snow blowers. I feel calling a professional to maintain this unit should not be a problem.

Difference between 2 Stage and 3 Stage Snow Blower


Three-stage snow blowers differ from the two-stage models, and this is because the former performs tasks with one more stage: using the accelerator. This is why they can handle massive snowdrifts and work faster than their two-stage counterparts.

We have given our recommended pick for the three-stage and two-stage models as Troy-Bilt Vortex 2690 and Husqvarna ST224 24-Inch 208cc respectively. Overall, a three-stage snow blower is a must-have if you deal with compacted or icy snow often.

Otherwise, what you need is a 2-stage model. We hope we have enlightened you about the differences between 2 Stage Snow Blower vs 3 Stage snow blowers.

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