Who we are?

To put in simple words, we are gardeners. We know how dirt feels between your fingers, we know how to choose the most useful equipment to create your own garden, or how good that bite of fruit tastes that you grew in your garden. That’s why we started this platform, to help you get this experience too.

Why are We Doing This?

You already know how difficult it is to grow or maintain a garden when you have no knowledge at all, right? We went through the same, when we began gardening there was no single platform that offered complete information or the information was too technical for us to understand. So, we don’t want you to have such difficulties in growing your own garden and want to provide all the information you need on one platform.

Our Mission

Our purpose is to motivate and help thousands of people around the world to learn how to grow plants, which equipment is the best making your life easier as well. We want to educate people regarding the importance of home gardening. We believe that gardening is a rewarding hobby and spreads happiness and kindness. When people grow a garden they tend to care more about nature and other fellow beings.

We intend to guide people who want to learn how to grow a garden, from the very beginning until you can grow their own garden and afterward. We want to walk with you on this journey and provide you with every help that you would need.

We want to provide you with every solution to every gardening challenge that you would face and help you in growing a garden in a fun and a safe way. We also hope to help you in fighting against garden pests and preventing plant diseases. We will provide you with all the information required to grow and maintain a healthy garden.