10 Best Backpack Leaf Blower to Buy | In-depth Reviews 2020

10 Best Backpack Leaf Blower to Buy | In-depth Reviews 2020

Nature has its cycle, which is beyond human control. With fall, all that you can expect in your garden are the leaves falling all around. Yard chores tend to take a toll on you with these uncontrollable downpours. Removing leaves from your garden or yard frequently can be a tedious and boring task. However, you won’t have to worry too much if you have the best backpack leaf blower with you. You will just need half a day for this hectic task.

If you have been thinking of how to use backpack leaf blowers, you can go through this YouTube video to get a clear idea about it:

With the best product by your side, you can rake and pile all the mulch and collect them in the leaf blower bag. You need to sling backpack leaf blower, just the way you hang a regular carry bag and get the task done. This makes the headache of leaf removal a super convenient job. These blowers also have a vacuum feature. So, blowing leaves to a corner and sucking everything up becomes easy.

So, here are the 10 best backpack leaf blowers in 2020 for you to choose from.

Our favorite picks

Best Overall Husqvarna 965877502 350BT Best Value DEWALT DCB590B 40V MAX XR Best Budget Poulan Pro PR48BT
Best gas backpack leaf blower Best Brushless Backpack Blower Best backpack leaf blower for the money
  • Covers 425 CFM(Cubic feet per minute)
  • Has a comparatively better system for air cleaning
  • Lightweight ensures no back pain during the task
  • Houses a seamlessly functional brushless motor
  • Comes with a noise level of 63 decibels which is very low
  • The blower comes with a 450 CFM air volume
  • Comprises of two-cycle engines of 48cc that are very strong
  • Possesses a CFM of 475
  • Packed with varying speed control

10 Best Backpack Leaf blower with Reviews

1. Husqvarna 965877502 350BT – Best gas backpack leaf blower

Best gas backpack leaf blowerIf you are looking for the best of all leaf blowers, Husqvarna 965877502 350BT is the one for you. It has an X-Torq engine that helps in reducing harmful exhausts and emissions up to 60 percent. This engine also boosts efficiency by 20 percent.

So you can rely on this backpack leaf blower when it comes to saving your money and gas. Generally, leaf blowers that are powered by gas and are heavier as compared to battery-operated blowers. However, Husqvarna 965877502 350BT weighs 225 pounds. This leaf blower has dampeners between chassis and engine, which produces lower vibrations, exerting less pressure on your hands.

  • Lighter in weight
  • Easier to start
  • Minimizes consumption of fuel and harmful emissions
  • Creates noise
  • It does not have mulch or vacuum
  • Poorly designed switch control

2. Poulan Pro PR48BT – Best backpack leaf blower for the money

Best backpack leaf blower for the moneyPoulan Pro PR48BT is a gas-powered blower that is considered in the list for its great deal of features. It has 48 cc 2-cycle engine that generates high velocity of air up to 200mph. This engine helps in reducing fuel consumption and costs related to it. Further, the machine has 475 CFM of airflow capacity which proves its efficiency in removing grass and heavy leaves along with other debris very easily.

Poulan Pro PR48BT has very convenient blower tube controls that include smooth cruise control for better command. You can have variable speed on the trigger too. The angled nozzle of this blower reduces your effort in the task and also helps you in optimizing clearing power.

  • This leaf blower is lighter in weight
  • Instructions provided are easy to work with
  • Smooth cruise control releases any stress on your arms
  • It is not applicable for heavy tasks
  • Can only be used properly by right-handed users
  • It creates a lot of noise

3. Troy-Bilt TB4BP EC 32cc 4-Cycle – Best 4 cycle backpack leaf blower

Best 4 cycle backpack leaf blowerNot willing to mix 20:1 to 50:1 fuel to the oil mixture in your two-cycle engines? No problem! You can simply choose a 4-cycle engine as a replacement. Though the consumption of fuel will be more, Troy-Bilt TB4BP EC will give you more torque and powerful airflow.

This leaf blower comes with jumpstart technology, which basically means you do not need to pull any cord for starting the engine. However, you might need to buy it separately. This backpack leaf blower generates airspeed of around 150 mph and air volume of 500 CFM with the help of SpringAssist. This amount of air volume and airspeed are extremely powerful to remove large volumes of debris without stressing you.

  • Presence of 4-cycle engine creates lesser noise
  • Straps provided are easier to adjust according to any size or height
  • Has adjustable control handle
  • It is not appropriate for commercial uses
  • Carburetor problems might arise
  • The 4-stroke engine does not produce enough rpm like 2-stroke engine

4. Echo PB-580T – Best professional backpack leaf blower

Best professional backpack leaf blowerEcho PB-580T is a heavy leaf blower weighing 27.9 pounds. However, 215 mph of airspeed that it generates gets the task done and makes up for the heavyweight. If you are a professional or want a leaf blower for heavy-duty jobs, this is the right product for you.

You can have a noise-less task with good airflow. However, you might find this leaf blower to be on the expensive side. Echo PB-580T generates 510 CFM of airflow. The 2-stroke engine creates less noise of around 70 decibels. With such lower noise generated during the operation, this backpack leaf blower finds a lot of applications in residential uses.

It has a 58.2 cc two-cycle engine air blower that has good speed control for effective blowing of debris and leaves. You can very easily assemble this blower by following its simple instruction manual. PB-580T starts in just 2 easy pulls. You need to ensure the right mix of 1:50 oil to fuel ratio for better operation.

  • Is appropriate for heavy-duty or professional tasks
  • Creates comparatively lower noise
  • Powerful engine saves costs and time
  • It is more expensive
  • It is heavier than other product

5. Husqvarna 570BTS – Best commercial backpack leaf blower

Best commercial backpack leaf blowerHusqvarna 570BTS is a fully assembled product when it is delivered in a box at your doorstep. You simply need to put nozzle, trigger, and the blower arm on it before use. This is a new model that has been designed with ergonomics as its base. It generates less vibration as compared to other products due to the placement of energy absorbent motor between the backpack frame and the motor.

With ergonomic ventilated pads, stress on arms and hands is reduced while using the blower. Husqvarna 570BTS has a two-cycle X-Torq engine with 65.6 cc that reduces harmful emissions from the exhaust up to 60 percent. This also increases fuel efficiency. Air purge and choke present in this model make it more convenient for easy handling and maneuvering.

  • This model is easier to operate
  • Due to its RPM and CFM, yard job is done faster
  • Has good ergonomics
  • Tends to be noisy

6. Greenworks BPB80LOO – Best lightweight backpack leaf blower

Best lightweight backpack leaf blowerIf you are one of those individuals who are more sensitive about the environment, Greenworks BPB80LOO is the perfect option for you. It is light in weight and extremely environment-friendly. It is a battery-operated leaf blower that emits lower amounts of exhaust fumes and noise levels. It comes with a brushless motor that delivers performance similar to gas-operated blowers.

You can expect 580 CFM of airspeed at around 145 mph which is very powerful to get rid of the leaves in your garden. This model is very lightweight considering ergonomics into account. It runs for only 30m minutes and needs recharging every 30 minutes. This makes it unsuitable for commercial purposes. However, you can use it for your small garden.

  • Less noise generated during operation
  • Very environment-friendly
  • Extremely light in weight
  • Can be used for small yards only
  • Fast battery discharge

7. EGO Power+Backpack Blower – Best backpack leaf blower under $200

Best backpack leaf blower under $200If you are looking for a backpack leaf blower that emits less exhaust, generates less noise, lightweight, and low in cost, all at the same time, this is the right product for you. EGO Power+Backpack Blower has a brushless motor. The engine works like jet engine along with a turbine fan. This model has ARC Lithium Battery technology, which increases efficiency.

You can have 600 CFM power which will do the job for 2 hours on the lowest speed. It weighs 13 pounds, which is less as compared to other leaf blowers. This allows you to work with it for long hours without stressing your back and arms. The entire unit is weather-resistant and creates almost 8 times less noise as compared to other gas-operated leaf blowers.

  • Comes with different speed levels for any job
  • Has an adjustable tube
  • The adjustable waist belt helps proper distribution of blower weight
  • You will require an additional battery

8. DEWALT DCBL590B 40V MAX XR – Best Brushless Backpack Blower

Best Brushless Backpack BlowerIf you are looking for some high-quality performance, this product is the best one for you. DEWALT is famous for delivering high-quality outcomes along with hand tools. You can definitely expect the best performance from its backpack leaf blower.

This model generates airspeed up to 450 CFM at around 142 mph. This might not necessarily be high as compared to other leaf blowers but is an effective one for small tasks. It has 2 battery wells, which allow you to add a battery for an extended duration of work.

This model requires very little maintenance of its parts including air filters, spark plug, and carburetors. The brushless motor present in the leaf blowers helps in emitting less noise and maximizes operation time. This product comes with a speed lock and variable trigger that adds to your convenience.

  • Generates less noise
  • Has easily controlled trigger with variable presets and speed lock
  • Comes with 2 battery walls
  • Charger and battery are separately sold
  • Only suitable for small tasks

9. Makita EB7650TH 75.6 cc MM4 – Best Commercial Backpack Blower

Best Commercial Backpack BlowerIf you love powerful backpack leaf blower, then Makita EB7650TH 75.6 cc MM4 is the product you should go for. It has a powerful four-stroke engine and does not require fuel and oil mix. This engine generates airspeed of around 200 mph and 670 CFM air volume.

This makes it suitable for commercial as well as domestic uses. The 75.6 cc engine generates low noise due to high capacity muffles that facilitate quiet operation. This machine weighs 24.1 pounds, which makes it heavy for the task.

However, when it comes to professional usage, this model is lighter than other products. Due to the placement of “Anti-vibration mounts” between frames, this model produces less vibration.

  • Has a powerful engine that creates less noise
  • Has blower design suited for professional use
  • Produces less exhaust and emissions
  • Is expensive
  • Has no waist belt

10. Greenworks Pro 80V – Best Eco-Friendly Backpack Blower

Best Eco-Friendly Backpack BlowerHere is a new contender for all the backpack leaf blowers. Greenworks Pro 80V backpack leaf blower runs on battery. This makes it a smooth product to handle and create low levels of noise.

It works on a “2.5 AH lithium-ion battery” and generates 145 mph of airspeed. Moreover, it has almost zero contribution to fume pollution. This product is an ideal product to be used in commercial areas that are conscious of noise.

Of course, this backpack leaf blower can be used for domestic purposes too. It works for about 2 hours when operated at a lower power mode. Weighing around 14.64lbs, it does not cause much stress on your back. People who find models operating on gasoline too heavy to work with can easily lug around with this product. It can be used with other Ego batteries.

  • Generates low levels of noise
  • Is lighter in weight
  • Suited for small places
  • Environment-friendly
  • Is less powerful than gas-operated models

Buying Guide

Types of Backpack leaf blower

Electric backpack leaf blower

If you are a peace-loving person and do not want any leave blowing experience that creates too much noise, an electric leaf blower is the right product for you. It creates less noise than the ones powered by gas. These backpack leaf blowers are low in maintenance.

Electric backpack leaf blowers are lighter and easier to deal with. These leaf blowers are perfect for areas of land up to 1 acre or below. An electrical backpack format leaf blower can be perfect for blowing debris and leaves from your patio, driveway, lawn, porch, and deck.

Some of these blowers come with cordless features along with batteries having a high voltage influx that needs to be recharged periodically. Electric backpack leaf blowers with cords restrict your movement. However, you can be assured about your blower working properly throughout the completion of the task.

Gas-powered leaf blowers

You can expect more brute force and power from a backpack format leaf blower running on gasoline as compared to the electric version. You can go for this model when you need to work tougher and cover larger properties. This type of backpack leaf blower is suitable for frequent and longer use. The gas-powered leaf blowers need to be started manually.

This might end up taking more effort and strength from individuals who have low strength in their upper bodies. You might also have to deal with a longer maintenance task list when you choose this leaf blower. Moreover, you will have to purchase refuels for gasoline operated leaf blowers.

Backpack Leaf Blowers: Bare Tool Only

“Bare Tool Only”, this variant of leaf blowers means that they do not possess any batteries with the purchase itself. You need to buy them separately along with a charger. When you look for batteries for this purpose, consider the fact that most blowers either use lithium-ion or nickel-cadmium batteries.

Lithium-ion based batteries have less weight & are smaller in size. They also retain charge for a longer period as compared to nickel-cadmium. However, they are costlier than nickel-cadmium ones.

Factors to consider before buying

  • Noise: The Noise level is an essential aspect to be considered while shopping for any home appliance or tools. When it comes to leaf blowers, you cannot simply ignore this feature. You might have to check your country or city ordinances for ensuring that your leaf blower operates at the right sound level. However, leaf blowers that operate on gasoline create louder noise as compared to electric ones. Using earplugs can come handy and safeguard your hearing capability from actually being compromised.
  • Power output: You need to choose a backpack leaf blower that gives good power output. You can always check the feature list for the power output of your selected leaf blower before buying it.
  • CFM rating: CFM denotes cubic feet/minute, which is a measurement unit of air volume that your backpack leaf blower tends to displace. The higher CFM your backpack leaf blower has the more amount of debris it can move.
  • MPH rating: MPH rating denotes to miles per hour. It is the rate at which air is blown from the blower. This rating is an effective indicator of the supplied power by the leaf blower.
  • Vibration: Check for the vibration minimizing settings of your backpack blower. This feature facilitates leaf blowing operation to be carried out without too much shaking.
  • Reviews: One should check for reviews before buying any product. The same is applicable while buying leaf blowers. Consumers keep buying products and post reviews online. Their experiences help in choosing the right product for your home. Most buyers prefer 2-stroke engines for their fuel-saving capacity. On the other hand, other buyers praised backpack leaf blowers with 2-stroke engines as those create less noise.

How to use a Backpack leaf blower?

When you start operating your leaf blower with a backpack feature, it can seem to be a difficult and exhausting task. However, with time, you will get the hang of it. You can save yourself from much trouble if you go through the following tips:

  • Strategize your movements according to the spots where you are planning to collect leaves. You can place a tarp in those spots, which will make it more convenient for you to remove them later.
  • Use a nozzle attachment that will reduce noise. You can set the throttle speed at minimum range if you want a less noisy operation.
  • Regulate air velocity according to the weight of the leaves or debris that you intend to remove.
  • Start blowing leaves from one part of the area and keep blowing in the same direction until you reach the other side.
  • Have a good grip on the blower & ensure that it points at a lesser angle.
  • Ensure to get a landing spot that is near your vicinity for disposing of the collected debris.

Must-know tips for using a backpack leaf blower

  • Wear goggles to prevent any flying debris from hurting your eyes.
  • Always keep the weather and time of the year in mind. Drier leaves are easier to blow as compared to wet leaves. Hence, never plan this yard task for rainy days. Wait for some days and let the leaves dry before beginning the work.
  • You might be a morning person or a night owl and would want to deal with leaf blowing tasks depending upon your free shift. However, you might also need to consider the peace and convenience of your neighbors before starting your new leaf blowing toy. So, it’s best to avoid early morning and late-night yard work. You also need to check with local authorities before beginning the operation.
  • Keep the blower clean and dry before use.

Frequently asked Questions

Is using a backpack leaf blower necessary?

People that own a large garden or lawn that needs regular cleaning should have a good backpack leaf blower. This tool comes in very handy in blowing leaves from the garden, without causing any pain to your hands and arms. You carry the entire weight on your back, and your hands remain free to target debris and fallen leaves on your garden and yard, without much difficulty.

How much CFM should a good leaf blower have on an average?

A good CFM ranges from 250 to 300, which varies according to the size of the land and job required. If you have a one-acre land or garden, you need a blower having 450-700 CFM. For heavy-duty tasks, you will require a CFM rating between 2000 and 3000.

Is MPH or CFM more important?

People using leaf blowers need to weigh both MPH and CFM to find out the best one. The product that you finalize must have a balance of both measurements.


By now, you might have got a brief idea about backpack leaf blowers and how to use them. There is no requirement for any professional assistance. Moreover, these backpack leaf blowers are safe for self-operation.

So, you can keep your lawn or garden neat and beautiful with very little effort. Go through the manual very carefully and then buy the best backpack leaf blower. Don’t forget to maintain the machine itself because it is then when it can work efficiently for you.

10 Best Backpack Leaf Blower to Buy | In-depth Reviews 2020

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