5 Best Bermuda Grass Seed to Buy in 2020 | Definitive Guide

5 Best Bermuda Grass Seed to Buy in 2020 | Definitive Guide

With an increase in air pollution and global warming, people have started to be more cautious about their environment. With the fact that changes start at home, most people are now including more plants to their abode. And when it comes to greenery at home, the first space that you can think of renovating is your lawn with high-quality grass.

Now, every lawn is different. Some people have lawns with more shade, while others have more moisture retention in theirs. You might not be a pro at gardening, but with a quick internet connection, you can always look through various YouTube videos to prep the soil before planting the Bermuda grass seeds.

Moreover, you need to choose grass seeds that can thrive in the soil conditions of your lawn. However, most people do not have any idea about which grass to use and where to find them. Here is a guide to help you in picking the best Bermuda grass seed for your garden.

Our favorite picks

Best Overall Jonathan Green 10316 Black Beauty Grass Seed Best Value Pennington Smart Seed Mix Dense Shade Best Budget Scotts EZ Seed Patch and Repair Bermudagrass
Best Bermuda grass seed for North Texas Best Bermuda grass seed for Georgia Best Bermuda grass seed for Arizona
  • Fast sprouting rate
  • Healthy, rugged, and attractive grass
  • Extreme heat tolerance
  • Less water usage
  • Contains seed varieties that grow in the shade and need low maintenance
  • Grasses have fine blades
  • High-performance seeds
  • Mulch has 6X water absorbent capacity of its weight
  • Protectant shields the seedlings from any harmful diseases

5 Best Bermuda grass with Reviews

1. Pennington Smart Grass Seed Mix Dense Shade – Best Bermuda grass seed for Georgia

Best Bermuda grass seed for GeorgiaIf your lawn has dense shade and you are looking for a grass seed that can thrive in such conditions, you can rely on Pennington’s Smart Grass Seed Mix. This seed mix is perfect for your yard as it can produce dense grass with little sunlight. It has a variety of high-quality grass seed that produce healthy, fine-bladed grasses which need low maintenance.

These Bermuda grass seeds are purebred and have high drought tolerance. You can be assured to have healthy and thick grass by consuming almost 30 percent less water per year as compared to the water consumption required by ordinary grasses.

Pennington Smart Seed has Penkoted technology that protects grass seeds from various deadly funguses and helps it to have a healthy growth. Pennington Smart Seed Dense Shade Grass Seed Mix produces grass that establishes at a faster rate. 

  • Fast grass growth
  • Up to 30% less water consumption as compared to other grass seed mixes
  • Contains seed varieties that grow in the shade or less sunlight
  • Germination can be affected due to inappropriate soil quality
  • For an optimal generation, soil abnormalities have to be taken care of first

2. Jonathan Green 10316 Black Beauty Grass Seed – Best Bermuda grass seed for North Texas

Best Bermuda grass seed for North TexasAre you one of those people who love to have a stroll on thick grassed lawns? Well, Jonathan Green 10316 Black Beauty Grass Seed is what your home lawn requires. This grass seed produces naturally thicker and darker green grass, which will enhance the greenery of your home. You can expect your lawn to have a redefined appearance with Black Beauty Grass.

This grass has high resistance to diseases along with improved drought tolerance. The grass leaves have shiny texture due to invisible wax coating, which is very similar to the shine that you find on an apple. This coating helps in preventing moisture from escaping from the leaves. This wax also helps in protecting leaves from wind, cold, heat, and diseases.

You can have a full bloom of these grasses in your lawn if you have more content of sand or clay in your soil. Be it a partial shade or bright sunlight; this grass seed will thrive and improve the appearance of your lawn.

  • Can be used for lawns having both sunny or shady areas
  • Roots reach up to 4’ of soil depth
  • Has high tolerance to drought
  • Growth can be affected by spreader condition
  • Humidity and the rate of the foot traffic can impact the grass growth rate
  • Soil adjustment is required for optimum coverage

3. Scotts EZ Seed Patch and Repair Bermuda grass – Best Bermuda grass seed for Arizona

Best Bermuda grass seed for ArizonaIf you are looking for a Bermuda grass seed that can grow and sustain anywhere, the Scotts EZ Seed Patch and Repair Bermuda grass is the right product for you. This revolutionary product provides you with a unique mixture of high-performance grass seeds and super absorbent grass growing material. This amalgamated Scotts EZ grass seed also has a self releasing lawn food of premium quality. With such customized grass seed combinations, you can always be assured of having thick and lustrous grass anywhere.

Tackifier present in Scotts EZ Seed helps in reducing the washing away of seed on sloped spaces of your lawn. You can use this mixture for the purpose of protecting your land against extreme southern climatic conditions like dry patches of land and high heat. The best feature of this grass seed mixture is that it absorbs around 6X water of its weight. This makes it expand further and creates a protective layer over the seed to retain moisture.

  • Has controlled fertilizer and food release technology that enhances seedlings growth
  • Contains tackifier that checks seed runoffs on sloped landscapes
  • Has unique seed grass mixture that can be grown anywhere
  • Higher weed percentage

4. Scotts Turf Builder Grass Seed Sun and Shade Mix – Best Bermuda grass seed for Central Texas

Best Bermuda grass seed for Central TexasIf “All-season-greenery” is what you desire for your lawn, Scotts Turf Builder Grass Seed Sun and Shade Mix is your ideal choice. It is the most versatile grass seed mix that will thrive into lush green grass cover in your lawn in all seasons. This grass seed product of Scotts comes with “WaterSmart PLUS Coating,” a unique feature that helps in absorbing twice more water as compared to other grass seed mix available in the market. This coating prevents seedlings from fungus and other diseases.

Scotts Turf Builder Grass seed has self-feeding content enriched with vital nutrients that are necessary for optimal grass growth. With these features in one grass seed mix, you can have thicker and greener grass growing at a faster rate.

  • Has unique WaterSmart PLUS Coating that helps in absorbing more amount of water
  • Has a high amount of nutrients that feed grass
  • Can sustain dense shade and extreme weather like scorching heat
  • Some batches might show a lower germination rate

5. Hancock’s Common Bermuda Grass Seed (Hulled) – Best Bermuda grass seed for Louisiana

Best Bermuda grass seed for LouisianaIf you are among those individuals who cannot give much effort and time for maintaining grass plantation in your lawn, Hancock’s Common Bermuda Grass Seed (Hulled) is the best product for you. This grass seed is resistant to drought and does not require much maintenance. Hancock’s Hulled Bermuda grass seed grows very well in all kinds of sandy and other poor quality soils.

This makes it a perfect choice to be planted in areas where other grasses cannot be grown. This grass seed is mostly used for pastures, lawns, landscaping applications, parks, and turfs. It is preferred due to its high erosion controllability.

Hancock’s Hulled Common Bermuda grass seed is suitable to be grown in subtropical, tropical, as well as in transition areas. This grass thrives in Georgia, Florida, Alabama, South Carolina, Tennessee, and many other places.

  • Extremely low maintenance choice of grass seed
  • Has high-quality seed coating that helps in retaining moisture
  • Has high wear resistance and traffic tolerance
  • Can brown during winter months

Ultimate Buying Guide to Bermuda grass seed

Types of Bermuda grass seed

Seeded or common Bermuda grass seed

Seeded or common Bermuda grass seed has different varians, which include Blackjack, Jackpot, Ormond, Yuma, and Oasis blend grass seeds. Black jack is a warm grass seed that is suitable for the cold season. Ormond grass has medium texture and is mostly preferred in playgrounds and golf courses.

Jackpot grass seed requires good maintenance and is suitable for baseball fields. Yuma is developed from forage grasses and is also used exclusively for golf fields. On the other hand, the Oasis blend is preferred due to its rapid growth and low maintenance. Hence, it is mostly preferred for home lawns, parks, and sports fields.

Improved common Bermuda grass seed

Improved common types of Bermuda grass include the La prima, Sahara, Princess, Triangle Blend, Mohawk, and OKS 91-11 or Yukon. These types are mostly darker, medium-textured, deeply rooted, and denser than common Bermuda grass seeds. These grass seeds are mostly used in lawns, fairways, sports turfs, golf courses, and parks.

Factors to consider before buying

Lawns have more significance in people’s lives, apart from just being aesthetically pleasing. These state a mark of prestige and wealth. However, with time, grass cultivation has turned out to support families along with providing them some moments of relaxation and peace, a time apart from hectic work schedules. Having a lush green lawn requires time and effort. Hence, it is essential to consider these important factors before investing in a lawn to obtain the perfect green hue.

  • Shade level: The level of shade has a great impact on the amount of sunlight exposure that the grass can naturally take. Some varieties can thrive in the shade while others need an ample amount of sunlight. You need to choose Bermuda grass seed that suits your lawn conditions.
  • Soil conditions: Some varieties of Bermuda grass seeds grow well in sandy or less nutrient-rich soil. However, certain grass seeds require nutrient-rich soil along with fertilizers to have a full bloom. You need to test the soil quality of your land and then choose suitable Bermuda seed for your lawn.
  • Wear and tear: How frequently your lawn receives footfall is a very important factor while considering grass seed. After all, you do not want to have a patchy lawn. Choose a grass seed that is not too delicate or coarse for your home lawn. However, when it comes to sports fields, you can go for grass seeds that would give you the desired roughness.

How to use Bermuda grass seed?

The most appropriate time to use Bermuda grass seed is around late spring season, right after the winter. This is the time when daily temperatures are high in the 80s. Here is how you need to use Bermuda grass seed:

  • Rake the lawn soil lightly and loosen it. This will make space for seeds to come in contact with the soil surface.
  • Use Bermuda grass seed spreader to apply nutrients required for the soils. This will help in getting good growth for your grass.
  • Put seeds in the soil with the spreader. Rake seeds lightly into the soil. Firm the surface with a roller, tamper, or tractor tires.
  • Water the area 3 to 4 times every day. This will keep soil and seeds moist.

Must-know tips for using Bermuda grass seed

  • Do not cover grass seed.
  • If you want to protect the grass cover from erosion, you can use mulch.
  • Ensure that it is weed-free and covers not more than 50 percent of the area.
  • Grass can be mowed as soon as it is 2 inches in height.
  • Use fertilizers only after six weeks of planting.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the recommended rate of seeding for new grass turf?

Answer: The recommended rate of seeding is 2 to 3 pounds of Bermuda seed for every 1000 sq.ft. You may get less seed germination during mid-summers. You need to plant heavier if you choose to go for the early or late season for compensating the establishment risks.

Is Bermuda grass tolerant to salt?

Answer: Yes. Bermuda grass is one of the most highly salt-tolerant grass varieties. In certain instances, water with high salt content has been used for irrigation for Bermuda grass. However, this has to be done with high turf management.

Where and when can I plant Bermuda grass seed?

Answer: Bermuda grass seed is best planted in early summer or late spring. Do not go for plantation until the soil temperature is 65 to 70 degrees. This is where the danger of frost has passed. You have the risk of killing the seeds if you plant too early.


Having different types of trees and plants in the garden is what everyone prefers. However, one must not ignore the fact that having a grassy textured lawn provides an exceptional look and feel to the entire home, park, or any space for that matter. Bermuda grass, alone, provides ample greenery to your garden. The best part is that it stays green throughout the summer season too.

You can still enjoy the coolness of your garden even when the weather out is tough and scorching. So, if you are searching for the best Bermuda grass seed, this guide will help you in choosing the right one for your land. Check for your soil requirements and then select the most appropriate Bermuda grass seed to enjoy a healthy, attractive lush green grass lawn.

5 Best Bermuda Grass Seed to Buy in 2020 | Definitive Guide

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