The Truth About BEST Electric Snow Blower In 5 Minutes| Buying Guide

The Truth About BEST Electric Snow Blower In 5 Minutes| Buying Guide

With winter arriving soon, snow-laden roadways can be a painful task to combat. If you happen to live in a place that receives heavy snowfall annually, you are most likely looking for the best electric snow blower. However, with so many options on the market, finding the right one can be tricky. These electric snow blowers can be one of your largest investments. Making the perfect investment in the first go will land you with the best snowblower that lasts for decades or even an entire lifetime if you take care of it properly.

While the autumn and spring months require you to get the best leaf blowers, the winter months call for electric snow blowers. If you love some interactive buying guides as videos, you can look through several YouTube channels to understand more about snow blowers.  Now, if you have been experiencing difficulties picking the best snow blower for your needs, we have simplified down the perks and cons of opting for the top-ranking options available in the market for the year 2019.

Our Favorite Picks

Best Overall Ariens 921046 Deluxe Best Value Toro 38381 Best Budget Snow Joe Ultra SJ625E
Best 2-Stage Electric Snow Blower Best Cordless Electric Snow Blower Best Single Stage Electric Snow Blower
  • Clears pathways of 21 inches/28 inches
  • Discharges snow as much as 50 feet far
  • Highly durable and sturdy halogen highlights
  • Ergonomic lightweight design
  • Clearing width of 18 inch
  • Can move as much as 700 pounds snow every minute
  • Flaunts beautiful LED lights
  • The electric start process is easy and simple
  • Can clear as much as 800 pounds snow every minute

10 Best Electric Snow Blower with Reviews

1. Toro 38381 – Best Cordless Electric Snow Blower

Best Cordless Electric Snow BlowerIf you are in search of a tool that can be deemed efficient and reliable, the ergonomically designed Toro 38381 is the perfect snowblower to invest in.  The machine works as an efficient & powerful electric snow thrower available in the online market. This 13-inch snow blower works at a fast pace with a capacity to move as much as 700 pounds snow every minute when set at its top setting. Further, the snowblower operates with use of 15 amps power. With use of the Toro 38381, you get access to a device that doesn’t add much to your monthly energy bills.

Apart from these amazing features, the snowblower holds the capacity to clear as much as 18 inches of snow in width and 12 inches in height, making it ideal for areas that acquire heavy snow in the winters. Taking a look at the unique add-on brought in with this snow blower, your Toro 38381 comes with an amazing 160-degree chute that is adjustable and allows the users to have complete control over the relocation of the snow.

  • Ergonomic, lightweight design
  • Clearing width of 18 inch
  • Can move as much as 700 pounds snow every minute
  • Wheels are relatively small
  • Starting the motor can be challenging

2. Ariens 921046 Deluxe – Best 2-Stage Electric Snow Blower

Best 2-Stage Electric Snow BlowerNot every snowblower has been designed to handle large workloads. However, the Ariens 921046 Deluxe is something that can surely solve your need for snow removal on a massive scale. This device can deliver optimal cleaning for your pathways without the need for a lot of work. If you are looking for an easy investment with self-propelling option, this snowblower should be at the top of your itinerary. Plus, you will be open to seeking benefit of the varying operational speeds & features paired with this particular device.

With the Ariens Deluxe, you get 6 various forward speeds along with 2 different reverse speeds that allow the users to work at their best with high efficiency & extreme ease. With the 254CC four stroke gasoline engine, the machine flaunts the capability to clear out a pathway that is covered with 21/28 inches of snow with each pass. Apart from that, this snow blower can rotate 205 degrees with remote control. It is self-propelled and has 120V push button electric starter, which makes it easy to use and operate.

  • Clears pathway of 21/28 inches
  • Highly durable and sturdy halogen headlights
  • Discharges snow cover as far as 50 feet
  • Expensive
  • Recoil-push mechanism could be better

3. Snow Joe Ultra SJ625E – Best Single Stage Electric Snow Blower

Best Single Stage Electric Snow BlowerIf you require a high-grade snow thrower without breaking your bank, the Snow Joe Ultra is something that you should pick this winter. The machine has been designed to last even as the weather gets tough. The device is perfect if you are looking for a snow remover that works quickly on the driveways & walkways, you might give the Snow Joe a try. With options such as electric start & plug-in, the device achieves perfection along with high efficiency. With the Snow Joe, you do not have to worry about regular tune-ups or refueling of the device every now and then.

The Ultra SJ625E can clear as much as 800 pounds of snow in one-minute duration with its 15-ampere powerful motor. Lastly, the snowblower comes with LED lights of 3 watts that help extend your overall work hours when it comes to cleaning the snow.

  • Electric start that is easy and simple
  • Flaunts LED lights
  • Clears as much as 800 pounds snow every minute
  • Wider unit that might not fit in the tight spots

4. Husqvarna ST224 – Best Corded Electric Snow Blower

Best Corded Electric Snow BlowerIf efficiency and power are what you are looking for, the Husqvarna ST224 is your ideal choice for a snow thrower. The machine was created to last for years to come and takes care of all your essential snow removal needs. The device operates on a 2-stage system allowing it to remove snow in your driveway as efficiently as possible.

The snow thrower utilizes a strong impeller and an auger that takes care of any problematic snowfall that has covered your yard or driveway. If you are looking for an ergonomic snowblower, this could be your best bet. Apart from this, the Husqvarna ST224 flaunts a clearing path of 24 inches for your walkways, driveways, as well as patio decks. The ease of use introduced with this snow remover makes it perfect to be used by anyone in your family. Of course, this goes without saying that it should be kept away from small children.

  • Clearing path that is 24 inches wide
  • 208CC powerful engine
  • LED headlights for better visibility
  • Not efficient for belt level snowfalls

5. PowerSmart DB72024PA – Best Electric Snow Blower for Wet Snow

Best Electric Snow Blower for Wet SnowThe PowerSmart DB72024PA is something that is an all-in-all snow blower that is perfect for patios, clearing driveways, or even on the gravel. The thing that we loved about the device is the fact that it is simple and compact when it comes to regular use. It is well-designed & efficient for everyday use during the winters. However, you might experience a lack of certain features provided by its competitors in the market. The DB72024PA has a power assist option meant to turn on the dime with minimal effort, even with a substantial amount of snowfall. Its versatile system for machine driving allows for 2 reverse and 4 forward speed variations meant for enhanced form of driving convenience.

Apart from that, this ergonomically designed device comes with a feasible foldable form of handles, along with easy storage, especially when not being used. The PowerSmart snow blower comes with a 212 CC engine with electric start option with the capability to throw the snow as much as 40 feet away.

  • Power-assisted turning feature allows for simplified maneuvering through the snow
  • Snow blowing chute with 180-degree rotation feature
  • Versatile self-propelled drive system
  • Hard to start

6. Briggs & Stratton 27-inch – Best Electric Snow Blower for Extreme Winter Weather

Best Electric Snow Blower for Extreme Winter WeatherIf you are looking for something that is best for the areas with massively cold winters, you might want to get your hands on the Briggs & Stratton. This 27-inch blower is a two-staged machine that has been created specifically to power through the worst weather conditions. With the push-button start, initiating the clearing process is way faster. This is especially true for a temperature that goes 20 degrees downside zero.

The machine also features a dual-trigger format steering that will release the left or right wheel one at a time. This feature comes in handy when opting to clear the turns or when detailing via tight pathways. The best thing about this snow blower is the fact that it can be operated simply with one hand while the other is free to change the direction of your blower’s chute and make adjustments to the speed.

  • Durable, sturdy, and powerful
  • Heated hand grips
  • Works as much as 20 degrees downwards zero
  • Starts with the button’s push
  • A bit on the expensive end

7. Briggs & Stratton 1696737 – Best Snow Blower to Clear Heavy Snow

Best Snow Blower to Clear Heavy SnowIf you happen to live in the area with a substantial amount of snowfall, you should surely go with this powerful snow thrower. The single-stage Briggs & Stratton snow thrower of the 1696737 models has been created with the use of the 250cc Engine. With such a powerful engine, it can serve as one among the most powerful snow blowers to ever exist.

The best thing about the snowblower is the fact that it can safely tackle the wettest, deepest, as well as the heaviest density of snow brought down by Mother Nature with fairly easy moves. The electric push-button works perfectly in temperatures below the freezing point.

  • Heavy-Duty Machinery
  • Patented Snow Shredder Technology
  • Electric start version with push button
  • Extremely durable and powerful
  • Not well suited for rocky or hilly areas

8. GreenWorks 2600502 – Best Electric Snow Blower for Light Snow Cover

Best Electric Snow Blower for Light Snow CoverThe GreenWorks is a 20-inch electric snow blower that is a perfectly wonderful option designed for the folks that are environmentally conscious. This machine operated with the use of electricity, so it won’t deter the environment with emissions that are seen in gasoline variants. The snowblower can clear as wide as 10 inches pathway. Given the fact that it is the best-corded option, you might not have to worry with regards to the battery recharge or refilling of the gas tank.

The machine comes with a 13-ampere motor that delivers exceptionally powerful results. Its adjustable 180-degree chute makes the task of throwing snow way more manageable. The GreenWorks 2600502 can throw snow as far as 20-feet with 7-inch wide wheels that impart better mobility. The device also comes with folding handles, LED light, as well as an electric start push button.

  • Ease of use
  • Inexpensive pricing
  • Can carve a path as wide as 10 inches
  • Corded option restrict the reach for far off places

9. Snow Joe SJ621 – Best Electric Snow Blower to Clear Deep Snowfalls

Best Electric Snow Blower to Clear Deep SnowfallsThe Snow Joe SJ621 has been designed to serve as a cordless, powerful machine that starts effortlessly. It is perfect for removing snow from walkways or driveways within a limited time frame. This snow blower is packed in with a powerful 13.5 amp engine with headlights. Serving as a single-stage thrower, the machine has a 4-blade auger created from steel that covers as much as 10-inch width with each of its pass.

Apart from that, the Snow Joe has a throw distance of 20 feet. The chute deflector is designed to control the height of the snow stream. Given the fact that it is an electric engine, it doesn’t need frequent tune-ups, oil changes, or gas to operate. The snowblower also has ergonomic grips that render improved comfort for the operator.

  • The powerful motor of 13.5 amp to help move as much as 650lbs snow per minute
  • Easy maintenance
  • Effortless start
  • Comes with a headlight for dark areas
  • Heavy and large in size; not suitable for small area.

10. Toro 38361 Power Snow Thrower – Best Small Electric Snow Blower

Best Small Electric Snow BlowerIf you are in need of a powerful yet lightweight, handheld snow thrower, you should rather go with the Toro 38361 snow thrower. It is optimum for the smaller and troublesome areas such as sidewalks, driveways, or small alleys where the industrially-sized blowers might not find access. However, size doesn’t stop the snow from occupying the space.

This small yet creatively designed machine helps clear those places that are difficult to reach. Further, the lightweight of the machine is perfect for your arms as well as the back, if you frequently get hurt due to the heavyweight blowers.

This machine comes with a 12-inches clearing width with cordless functionality. The Toro 38361 also serves as a single-stage machine that can be used on a daily basis.

  • Helps clear out the corners and difficult to reach areas
  • Light in weight
  • Powerful when it comes to handheld products
  • No need for gas
  • Small clearance width.
  • Corder, limited range.

Best Electric Snow Blower Buying Guide: Updated Dec. 2019 

Types of electric snow blowers

1-Electric Snow Blowers:

Electric snow blowers are known for their convenience and ease of use. They are most popular with the medium-sized driveways and come at a fairly reasonable price tag.

2-Cordless Snow Blowers:

Being tethered with a cord halts the efficiency of a snowblower. The cordless options avoid the issues of tangling and help cover the large driveways. They are generally powered with the batteries of high voltage.

3-Gas-Powered Snow Blowers:

Gas snow blowers are meant for users that want to cover large areas in a limited time frame. However, these blowers can be a bit pricier as compared to the electric or cordless ones.

Factors to consider before buying

Snowblowers serve as an incredibly useful gadget with the ability to make the winters significantly more comfortable and accessible for the homeowners. They help clear your lawn or driveway in a significantly shorter time frame. They serve as a precise and efficient method as compared to shoveling snow or similar manual methods for snow removal.

However, before you do start dealing with snow, you need to keep certain things in mind.

Stage Type

The first thing you need to consider is the snow remover’s stage type. Now, there are 3 different stage variants one can choose from. However, just two of the three-stage types tend to be used commonly for the residential owners which include the single-stage & two-stage options. If your home’s driveway is constructed from concrete, cement, asphalt, or similar solid/smooth surface materials, the single-stage option will make the best investment.

However, with a driveway that is created from loose stones or gravel, you would surely want to bring home a snowblower that is two-staged. For a detailed decision, you need to compare the different stages of snow blowers.

Power Source

Another thing you need to consider when picking the perfect snow remover is to look for its power source. Now, there are two different power sources for you to choose from. This includes options such as gas and electric. If you have a driveway that is 50 feet or below, you should go with the more efficient electric blower. However, for a driveway that goes beyond the set limit, you might try the gas-powered version.

Clearing Width

When buying a snow thrower, you need to check for the clearing width of the same. If yours is a wider variant of the driveway, you might want to look for the blowers that provide better width coverage so that you can clear things in a single go. However, with a normal-sized driveway, any standard device would work perfectly.

With these factors in mind, you can make your snowblower shopping much easier.

How to use electric snow thrower?

Your snowblower serves as the perfect machine to heave as much as 50 feet of snow, depending on the variant you choose. However, using this intricate machinery can be complex. So, here is a complete guide to help you start.

Prep the blower

Before you get started with the cleaning up of snow in your driveway, you need to check the blower for any dirt or debris that might have gotten in during the storage. If your snowblower fails to start, you need to clean your device’s carburetor or call for professional help.

Prep the driveway

Take some time to scan the driveway for newspapers, branches, or other debris that might damage or clog the machine. Also, keep the children away from the area being cleaned as the blower can hurl small stones with high speed that can lead to injuries.

Pick the spot to throw the snow

Before you start with the job of clearing your driveway, you need to pick the perfect spot for throwing the snow so that it doesn’t fall back to your driveway.

Must-know tips for using electric snow blowers

  • Always remember to wear clothes that won’t get stuck in the machine
  • Safety glasses, gloves, as well as bright colored clothes are recommended
  • Learn the best way to operate the machine like drive clutch, auger, steering levels, or the chute controls
  • Do not rush; slow will help you get the job done in a more efficient way

Frequently Asked Questions

What differentiates the snow thrower from the snowblower?

Answer: You might often come across people who refer to the snow blowers as snow throwers. However, the fact is that the snow blowers that come with the single-staged engines can technically be termed as snow throwers. This is because single-stage snow blowers do not blow away the snow. Rather, they rely upon the augers to scoop away and throw the collected snow from the chute.

On the other hand, the 2 & 3 stage snow blowers might come with impellers that aid in blowing out the snow from the chute. However, they still might be advertised in the form of snow throwers.

How can you decide between two-stage, single-stage, or three-stage blowers?

Answer: The single-stage snow blower functions in one simple motion while utilizing the auger that looks like a scoop while funneling out the snow via the chute. On the other hand, the two-staged blower houses the impeller fan along with the auger that helps increase the clearing power as well as throwing distance. Lastly, the three-staged blower comes with maximum power as it brings more functionality to the accelerator.

Can the snowblower be left outside?

Answer: Yes! The snowblower can be safely left outside. All you need to do is elevate the blower a bit high from the ground level. Now block the thrower chute and cover your unit with the use of a heavy and waterproof tarpaulin.


Now, your electric-version snow blowers might not par with the gas counterparts in terms of power or speed; they often provide a relatively inexpensive, convenient, as well as environmentally-friendly method of dealing with a comparatively less dense version of snowfall. So, if you are looking for affordable and best electric snow blower, this guide will surely help you get your hands on the best options available in the market. Take into account the job that you need your snow blower for and pick the machine accordingly. Keep in mind the factors such as price, maneuverability, clearing width, etc, to get your hands on the best one from the lot.

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The Truth About BEST Electric Snow Blower In 5 Minutes| Buying Guide

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