10 Best Firewood: Buyer’s Guide and Reviews in 2019

10 Best Firewood: Buyer’s Guide and Reviews in 2019

It doesn’t really matter if you want to burn firewood in a furnace; stove or fireplace, what matters most is that, are you actually burning the best firewood? Well, I would say that it’s very important for you to burn the best firewood for the reasons of safety, efficiency and convenience because it can be very frustrating and annoying when you burn wet wood and pieces of poor quality and wrong sizes with your wood burner.

Apart from the frustrating aspect, burning these kinds of wood hold a risk of depositing Creosote which can possibly result to a hazardous chimney fire. Actually, you can save yourself from all troubles by just buying the best firewood  which will even further help to maximize efficiency.

In choosing the best firewood, you must be aware of the attributes of the different types of firewood because all the distinct kinds of firewood do not give the same result and this is exactly why I’m writing this review and buying guide to equip you with the needed knowledge and tips to purchase the best firewood that will serve you well. Keep calm, relax and let me unveil to you the right tips you need to purchase the best firewood.   

Our favorite firewoods 

Best Overall Wildwood Kindling Kiln-Dried Cedar Kindling  Best Value Pine Mountain Ultraflame 3-Hour Firelogs Best Budget Wood Products 9910 Fatwood Box 
Best Firewood Best Firewood Best firewood to burn in home
  • It’s suitable for camping and other occasions 
  • It’s easy to use 
  • It’s easy to light 
  • It’s environmentally friendly 
  • It’s of high quality
  • It creates an enjoyable atmosphere
  • It’s 100% natural
  • It can be used for lots of things 
  • it’s resistant to moisture

10 Best Firewood with reviews 

1. Wood Products 9910 Fatwood Box – Best firewood to burn in home 

Best firewood to burn in homeThere are lots of things that this firewood is suitable for and this is exactly why i’m choosing it as the best firewood to burn in home. You can use this firewood for grills, campfires, stoves, and fireplaces. To include, this Wood Products 9910 Fatwood Box contains a high degree of natural resin because it is carved from the remains of pine trees, thus, it is purely natural and no chemicals of any kind are added to it.

Now, do you see why I say it is the best firewood to burn in home? It is 100% natural, which means that it will burn efficiently and effectively for whatever you use it for. Another interesting thing about this firewood is that it’s resistant to any kind of moisture. This firewood is very much fitting for all your occasions and it’s long-lasting; it can be stored for a long duration so, why not get it today?

  • It’s 100% natural
  • It can be used for lots of things 
  • Its resistant to moisture 
  • The flame might disturb you 

2. Duraflame 6 lb 4-hr Firelogs – Best firewood for fireplace 

Best firewood for fireplaceLooking for the best firewood for fireplace? Look no further, Duraflame 6 lb 4-hr Firelogs is exactly what you’ve been looking for. Unlike ordinary wood that cannot burn for a longer period of time, this firewood is capable of burning for a lot more. In just about five minutes, the light will begin to rage proper immediately it comes in contact with a lit match.

Another thing that interests me more about this firewood which makes me to further reevaluate as indeed the best firewood for fireplace is because it releases just few pollutants which is actually cool for the environment. Both your outdoor and indoor purposes can be effected with this firewood and to include, it has safety certificates.

  • It’s safety approved 
  • It burns longer 
  • It’s good for the environment 
  • Some people have complained of poor customer service 

3. Duraflame 4637 Crackleflame – Best firewood for camping 

Best firewood for campingYour camping has been made easy and convenient with this Duraflame 4637 Crackleflame. After ignition and in just about just few minutes, you’ll begin to enjoy the powerful fire this firewood supplies. Igniting this firewood will never pose a huge and disappointing issue like others do and you don’t have to spend the whole day burning stale newspapers before you can get the firewood well lit.

You will enjoy this cozy atmosphere created during your camping and it’s a clean firewood. To include, you’ll enjoy the long burning duration of three hours and you will have no course to be disturbed with changing the firewood for a couple of times.

  • It creates a great and enjoyable atmosphere
  • It’s easy to use 
  • It’s clean to burn
  • It’s a bit expensive 

4. Duraflame 2.5 lb 1.5-hr Firelog – Best firewood for wood stove 

Best firewood for wood stoveSomeone who recently purchased this Duraflame 2.5 lb 1.5-hr Firelog commented on the quality of this firewood when he was using it for his wood stove. He divulged that he had been using and testing different kinds of firewood for his wood stuff and he was getting different results which were not really pleasing until he got this Duraflame 2.5 lb. He said the firewood get his house warmed for about three hours and it lights up quickly enough.

Okay, that’s just a testimony that this firewood will do a lot of good for your wood stove and it wont burn out so soon because it lasts for a very long time. You can use this firewood outdoors too and you will begin to enjoy the full flames in just few minutes of lighting it. Your safety is guaranteed because this firewood has been approved for safety by UL, in fact, the Institute of America classed Duraflame 2.5 lb as chimney safe.

  • It’s safety-approved
  • It burns for a long time
  • It burns clean 
  • It’s suitable for both indoor and outdoor uses. 
  • The smoke can be somewhat disturbing 

5. Premium Cherry Kiln-Dried Firewood – Best firewood for heat 

Best firewood for heatMade from premium cherry wood, this premium type of wood is what I recommend as the best firewood for heat. Why? It is of great quality and one particular thing about this Premium Cherry Kiln-Dried Firewood is that it always stays clean and you can never find any mold or insects of any kind over it.

Apart from the fact that I vote it to be the best firewood for heat, you can even use it for other business purposes too like a restaurant due to the fact that insects do not get attracted to it. Immediately you receive this Premium Cherry Kiln-Dried Firewood, you may choose to get it stored or you might just burn it straightway as you wish. Also, this firewood doesn’t produce much smoke like others, it produces enough heat for you to enjoy and it’s very long lasting.

  • Its very safe to use 
  • It doesn’t produce too much smoke 
  • It doesn’t attract insects 
  • It’s long lasting
  • Some users have complained of it not staying lit 

6. Pine Mountain StarterLogg – Best firewood for cooking 

Best firewood for cookingCooking has been made easy with this Pine Mountain StarterLogg. Either you prefer an indoor or outdoor cooking; this firewood will serve you efficiently for both. You should experience no problem using this firewood because it’s very easy to use, and it will light up immediately you put a match to it which means that there is no need for lingering around over just creating a fire.

One peculiar thing that made me choose this firewood to be the best for cooking is due to the fact that it’s made from real hardwood, so, if you want, you can just get it split into varying sizes and use for your cooking. However, this firewood is not limited to cooking only; you can as well use it for many other things like your outdoor and indoor needs.

  • It’s easy to use
  • It’s made from real hardwood 
  • Its suitable for indoor and outdoor uses
  • Some users have complained of easy lightning issues. 

7. Duraflame 4.5lb 3-hr Firewood

Best FirewoodIf you’re very much concerned about purchasing the kind of firewood that will give you zero worries about safety issues, this product is what you should go for. Apart from the fact that this firewood has been certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America, in an UL-listed factory, it has also been accredited for safety classification.

Use this firewood indoor or outdoor for anything you desire to use it for and enjoy its burn time of about eight hours without having any iota of fear.

  • It’s great for indoor and outdoor uses 
  • It has a burn time of eight hours 
  • It has safety certificates 
  • Some users have complained of its disturbing smell 

8. Kiln-Dried Kindling 1 Cubic Ft. Easy-Light Firewood

Best FirewoodThis firewood is one of the best you will find on the market. It burns perfectly and it can be used in campfires, smokers, fireplaces or wood stoves. This Kiln-Dried Kindling is so clean and if you want, you could get it cut into little few pieces or perhaps, you may just decide to burn it as it is to enjoy its beautiful raging fire.

This product is very natural and can be easily stored because it’s free from debris and dirt. This product is very light, it’s not heavy at all and you will really enjoy burning it because it’s very dry. Whatever purpose you need it to serve, it will do so and you’ll be truly satisfied.

  • It’s clean 
  • It lights up easily
  • It’s very dry and very light 
  • It’s a bit expensive 

9. Smoak Firewood Cooking Wood Logs

Best firewoodThis USDA certified product is one of the best products of Smoak. The company actually focuses on producing wood that are best for cooking. You can use this firewood in either of the two sizes that are recommended; you may use as 16 inch which is considered as the standard length or use as 8 inch which is considered as mini logs.

Either way you choose, you can be rest assured of cooking with a firewood with a very high quality. You can use this wood for your pizza ovens, fire pits, smokers or outdoor/indoor grills

  • It’s good for cooking of any kind 
  • It’s pest free 
  • It’s clean to burn 
  • It has a smoke that can be disturbing sometimes 

10. Plow & Hearth Boxed Fatwood Fire

Best FirewoodLet your fire burn joyfully with this wood and get your ambiance enjoyable with the flame of this firewood. This Plow & Hearth Boxed Fatwood is very natural and it’s rich with organic resins which makes it very easy to be ignited. Unlike some other firewood that give you too much problem about lightening, in just a single match, you would get a beautiful blazing fire.

This Plow & Hearth Boxed Fatwood is quite friendly to the environment because it’s not made from neither clear-cutting nor commercial logging. This firewood is very much ideal for anything you need it for; you can use for fire pits, chimeneas, campfires, fireplaces, wood stoves and many others you can think of. Another interesting thing about this firewood is that it has the capacity to get ignited even when it’s wet! So, what are you still waiting for?

  • It’s environmentally friendly 
  • It’s highly efficient 
  • It’s chemical free
  • Some users have complained of it having a smoke that can be disturbing sometimes 

Buying Guide of Firewood

Getting firewood is important but getting the best firewood is more important. Practically, I don’t believe that you should only get firewood when it’s winter because there are lots of things you can use firewood for; you can use for cooking, heating, camping, creating a fireplace and even many other things. However, while you are making your choice of firewood, be aware there are lots of different types, there are some that burn better and there are some that burn best, which one would you love to go for? I guess it’s the ones that burn best you would love to go for.

Taking a look at the list of firewood that I’d listed above, you would realize that knowing listed them all bases on different purposes to serve any kind of your needs. If you just love to have firewood for cooking, I’ll recommend you to purchase the Pine Mountain StarterLogg and if you want to heat up your home or space, I’ll recommend you to purchase the Premium Cherry Kiln-Dried Firewood. All these firewood are available on Amazon and you are just a click away from making a purchase.

Nevertheless, these firewoods can still function effectively well for other uses but if you just want firewood for a particular use only then, you should go for the one that matches your need.   

What should I look for when buying firewood? 

When you are making a purchase, there are four important things you must look out for; the clean state, burning time, light up time and safety certificates, these four things are very important to look out for so that you don’t end up grumbling over the firewood you purchase.

Clean Firewood

All the firewood I listed above are quite cleaner than all these regular firewood you will find elsewhere. However, always have it in mind that, when your firewood is clean, there won’t be much pollution in the air which means that your environment won’t get affected. If you are making a purchase for firewood and it’s stated to be clean, it’s a good plus for you.

Burning Time

This feature is one of the vital things you must always consider before you purchase firewood. Every firewood has its distinct burning time, so, if you are creating a fire and you don’t want to consume too much wood, it’s better you go for the firewood that has a very long burning time. Apart from the consumption factor, you should go for the firewood that has a very long burning time if you don’t want to keep spending too much on purchasing firewood.

Light up time

You can’t even avoid not considering this factor before buying firewood because you may end up abandoning the firewood out of frustration. The light up time of firewood is very weighty, if you are purchasing firewood and it’s not mentioned that it has a quick light up time, this means that you might experience some difficulties in lighting it up at first so, you might have to use some dry pieces of wood or newspapers to ignite the fire. It can be very time consuming doing all those and if the weather is not even nice, you might even spend more time than usual.

Virtually all the firewood I reviewed on this buying guide have a short light up time. You should get a very powerful fire in just five minutes after having got the firewood lit up. If you don’t want to get sweep off by frustration over lighting up firewood, always go for the one that has a short light up time and you can make your selection after taking a look at the list of firewood that I’ve already recommended above. 

Safety Certificates

This is another factor you may also consider when you are choosing your firewood. It’s a very great thing If you purchase a firewood that has safety certificates but you should also understand that the fact that a firewood doesn’t have these certificates doesn’t mean they are worthless or hold high risk, NO! If you are very much concerned about your firewood not having safety certificates, you may contact the manufacturer to make your enquiries.

My point is, if your firewood has safety certificates, it’s a plus and of it doesn’t, it still doesn’t translate that your firewood is not safe for use or has little value. Do you understand now? Good!   

How much Firewood do I Need?

I can’t specifically answer this question because the amount of firewood you need is dependent on how much of a big fire you intend creating and what you plan to use the firewood for. Nevertheless, if you want to make a fire that is very large, then of course, you’ll need enough firewood. Another factor that determines how much firewood you will need is how much stuff you want to burn and the number of people that will be coming near your fire.

So, I can’t really give you a direct answer to this question because the quantity of the firewood you need varies for different purposes and are as well influenced by other factors that surround it. To know exactly the amount of firewood you will be needing, make sure you take a look at the few factors that I’ve given you and with that, you should be able to have an idea of the quantity of firewood you will need.

Another tip I’ll give you is that you should always ensure that you have enough firewood for whatever you need so that you don’t run out on them while they are very much needed.   

What you should know about seasoning a Firewood?

Seasoning a firewood is nothing different from drying out a firewood. When you want to lit up a firewood, if there is more than twenty percent of moisture in the firewood, you won’t be able to start a fire. Seasoning a firewood usually takes a very long period of time, you may spend about six months to two years trying to fully dry out a firewood because all the contained moisture and water must be completely ejected.

To commence the process of seasoning a firewood, assemble and get the wood stacked one on top of one another. After, you will need to ensure that the wood is ready for storage and this can only be done by cutting it into pieces. Now, the wood will be stored outdoors so as to discharge the bugs that are still dwelling in it.

However, you must ensure that the wood is standing upright and not directly on the ground and then, use a waterproof sheet to cover it so that when it rains, it won’t be affected and you won’t be back to square one. You may later utilize a wood moisture test meter to ascertain if the wood is dry enough.   

How can I stack a firewood? 

If you are stacking a firewood, it’s very important that you do it the way it should be done because if you don’t, you might end up not being able to use the firewood because eventually, it would have been prone to getting more moisture.

Foremost, you must ensure that your firewood is not touching the floor and there is a gap amidst the floor and the firewood. Since you’ll be placing the wood over one another, it’s very important for you to let them breathe by allowing air to still get to them, and you can achieve that by ensuring that gaps are created amidst the wood.

In addition, you should also put some necessary measures into place so that the wood won’t be falling over and they can become more stable.   

Additional tip

When you’re shopping for a firewood, always make enquiries on what type of wood it is made from because there are some particular wood type that don’t produce much heat and there are some that produce enormous heat   


Q: How many types of firewood do we have? 

A: There are two major types of firewood; hardwood and softwood. 

Q: What is the difference between hardwood and softwood?

A: Hardwood takes a very long period of time to be seasoned but they burn longer. However, softwood is just the opposite, it can be seasoned in a short period of time but it doesn’t burn too long.   

Q: Should I go for hardwood or softwood?

A: Well, this actually depends on what you want. If you want to heat your home throughout the night, I’ll advise you to go for a hardwood but if you want to set up a campfire, I’ll advise you to go for softwood.


The uses of firewood are vast; you may need to use it to burn out some waste, roast nice marshmallows during a campfire with your family or to heat up your home during winter. Regardless of whatever you’re using firewood for; I’ll always advise you to go for the best firewood which will be very efficient for whatever you plan to use it for. I am well aware that getting the best firewood to purchase can be very tricky due to the numerous types of firewood you will often come across with but with all the tips I’ve shared, you should be able to make a very nice selection.

Nowadays, there are different kinds of firewood available and they come with distinct features. There are some that are very environmentally friendly and they are suitable for both indoor and outdoor uses because they don’t produce too much of carbon monoxide.

However, don’t forget that in the buying guide section, I’ve already shared with you some certain things that you must always look out for when you are purchasing firewood and if you can do well to follow them as I outlined, you should have no problem at all selecting the best firewood. 

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10 Best Firewood: Buyer's Guide and Reviews in 2019

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