A Guide of Top 10 Best Hummingbird Feeder in 2019

A Guide of Top 10 Best Hummingbird Feeder in 2019

With over 325 known hummingbird species the world over and only 8 of these breeds are to be easily found in the United States, there is a reason you need to invest in at least one of our selected 10 best hummingbird feeders in 2019 for your backyard. Just about 2 dozen of these migrate in winter and at times grace the community from time to time. What a delight it would be to have and enjoy the sight of hummingbirds flocking one’s back-yard!

Although hummingbirds migrate in the winter, there are times when they over-winter and there is only one reason for them to stay — a ready and adequate supply of food and much-needed nectar!

Hummingbirds can be territorial and get very aggressive once they have established their territory. To fend off rival birds and stop many a bird-fight in your garden, establish a humming-bird feeder that can attract and feed several long-beaked birds at one go. Before we get to the conclusive list of hummingbird feeders you should be on the look-out for in 2019, we have come up with 3 of the best home products hummingbird feeders you may consider based on different review points of pricing, the quality that should characterize your buying journey through to purchasing.

Our Favourite Picks

Best Overall Aroma Trees Handheld Feeder Best Value Aspects HummZinger Highview Best Budget Grateful Gnome
Best Home Products Hummingbird Feeder Best Bee proof hummingbird feeder Best Leak Proof Hummingbird feeder
  • Ideal for the whole family
  • Customizable for your preferences
  • Get hummies eating right from your palms
  • Light-weight
  • Durable polycarbonate material
  • Easy to dismantle for cleaning
  • Sophisticated glass finish
  • Easy to clean
  • Multiple feeding ports

10 Best Hummingbird Feeders with reviews

1. Aspects HummZinger Highview – Best Bee proof hummingbird feeder

Best Bee proof hummingbird feederMade of colorful red polycarbonate material, the Aspects feeder is all on durability. The bright colors are a major plus in attracting hummingbirds from afar and when adding the 4 feeding ports it spots, the Aspects is ideal for hosting many hummers.

What the hummies may love better is the Highview perch on which comfort and great sights may be enjoyed. While going through some birder stories on Amazon, I came across one who swore, “the hummies gave me this stink look for hanging a no perch feeder one morning.,” and I believed her. There can be much joy in enjoying the sweetness of nectar from a perfect view perch. This will also keep the hummies in your back-yard for that much longer.

Perhaps the most desirable feature of the Aspect feeder is the UV built-in bee and ant moat that will keep festy pests at bay so your hummies will feed in peace. It is also drip-proof meaning that you will not lose your love-made nectar from leaky holes. To add icing to the cake, the feeder is easily dismountable for cleaning so there is always fresh clean nectar for hummingbirds in your garden.

  • Easy to clean
  • Unbreakable Polycarbonate material
  • Rain Diversion flowers
  • Fewer Hummingbirds in the garden with only 4 small feeders
  • Hanger sometimes falls off

2. Perky Pet – Best Glass Hummingbird Feeder

Best Glass Hummingbird FeederThe Perky Pet hummingbird feeder is a stylish and ornate bird feeder that is perfect for the aesthetics fanatic. It is made of a wide bright colored glass bottle-shaped reservoir that boasts of a wide opening for filling. It is also easy to clean because of the wide opening. The feeding stations can be detached with a simple mechanism when you need to clean.

With perches all around the 4 feeding stations, you can be sure that hummers will stay the winter in your backyard. The glass reservoir holds up to 8 ounces of feed. This may last a bit longer because the Perky Pet has an in-built ant moat protection. It also keeps bees away from the nectar so the birds can drink unperturbed.

  • Comfortable drinking perches
  • Built-in ant and bee protection
  • Stylish colorful glass bottle shape
  • Only 8 ounces of nectar means more refilling trips
  • The stylish glass is easy to break when cleaning

3. Aroma Trees Handheld (2pack) – Best Home Products Hummingbird Feeder

Best Home Products Hummingbird FeederEver wondered how it would feel to have a hummingbird eating right from your palm? Well, it is an awesome experience and you get to do this with the Aroma Tree handheld feeder. It is a compact and is made of an assortment of components from which you get to choose one that suits your design preferences. Additionally, the pack of two means more feed and more feed mean more hummingbirds for the family. Included with the kit is a beaded wire of a bright succulent color that's just ripe-looking hummers can’t resist.

The feeder also comes with a suction mounting cap that serves as an accessory to the perch function built on the feeder. The one complaint from some customers about this feeder is that it requires your participation way more than any other feeder and you might need to turn up that charm a notch to attract hummingbirds to your palms. One customer comments, “I couldn’t attract one hummingbird but the joy of watching my husband sit there with his palms stretched out in anticipation was worth the purchase.”

One main plus of the Aroma Tree is that it promotes family fun time as you get to sit around with your children and host a flock of hummingbirds!

  • Compact and easy to assemble
  • Customizable design
  • More intimate hummingbird experience
  • Requires patience and active participation
  • Too small and feeds fewer birds

4. Grateful Gnome Fiery Bell Tower – Best Leak Proof Hummingbird feeder

Best Leak Proof Hummingbird feederGrateful gnome is designed to give your garden a magnificent color and style boost with its hand- blown glass material. It is specially designed not to leak or drip out nectar. The glass material makes it so easy to monitor the level of food and this is also enforced by the 20ounce fluid capacity. You will not need to make as many trips to refill the feeder and this is encouraging for hummingbirds as they come to feed knowing there is a steady supply of feed.

There are 5 feeding stations and they are designed to accommodate the long thin beak of the hummers in your garden. This station also makes it difficult for rival birds to come and feed off your hummer supplies. The feeder is a tall gift style feeder that can be hung from wires and plants.

  • Leak and drip-proof
  • 20 oz of nectar capacity
  • 5 Flower feeders for more birds
  • Transparent design for feed level monitoring
  • No bee and ant protection
  • The S-hook can easily slip off and feeder falls to the ground

5. Bolite 18005 – Best No Leak Hummingbird feeder

Best No Leak Hummingbird feederThe Bolite 18005 comes with a full money-back guarantee with a reason. Flourishing in your backyard with a hot red bottle-shaped reservoir, the heart-shaped feeders make an attractive display for hummingbirds to flock to your garden for. Boasting of 5 feeding stations and a 22 ounce supply of nectar capacity, the Bolite can make your garden a favorite for many hummingbirds. For your benefit, you will find that you need to make fewer trips to refill the feeder.

Hanging easily and with an efficient drip-proof design, the feeder leaves no room for leaking fluid. It is very lightweight with a total shipping weight of 2.55 pounds and finished off with a copper touch, the feeder is all on beauty.

  • 22 oz nectar carrying capacity
  • 5 feeding stations
  • Stylish heart-shaped stations
  • The lightweight glass not very durable
  • S-hook can easily slip off

6. First Nature 3090 -Best hummingbird feeder Poteet texas

Best hummingbird feeder Poteet texasBefore returning to Mexico, the ruby-throated and black-chinned hummingbirds are the most common hummingbirds to be found in texas. Here is where they usually nest before moving back to Mexico and the one way to ensure they stay a little bit longer, if not more permanently, is by providing them with their required feed.

For a Poteet, Texas, hummingbird experience, we have chosen the First Nature 3090, mostly for its 32-ounce nectar carrying capacity which translates to more hummingbirds nesting in your backyard.

It is made of plastic with a wide opening on the reservoir that makes it so easy to fill and clean the feeder. With 10 ports, there are plenty of birds that you can get to watch flocking your backyard. It also carries a perch feature which makes it a select feeder for hummers.

  • 10 feeding ports for more hummingbirds
  • 32 oz nectar capacity
  • wide reservoir mouth for cleaning and filling
  • Plastic material not durable
  • S-hok can easily slip off
  • No bee and ant protection

7. Rezipo Hummingbird feeder

Best hummingbird feederIf you have come this far and are still undecided, perhaps this hand-blown glass made feeder is just the thing to blow your mind away. With all of 38ounces nectar space, the feeder is your convenient solution as you will not need to refill it every so often. The 100% money-back guarantee if unsatisfied is perhaps the guarantee you need that you will be satisfied.

It hangs on a strong wire hook and also carries on it a moat hook. It comes as a transparent glass through which you can see the levels of the feed so you refill before it runs dry; making sure the hummers in your garden never want for any. Adding to that an innovative seal, the feeder is leak- proof and will not waste a drop of your lovingly made nectar liquid.

  • Perch feature
  • Attractive hand-blown glass design
  • 38oz nectar reservoir
  • The size may be too big for a newbie birder
  • An S-hook is not secure enough on a big product like this

8. Ejwox Humming Feeders

Best Humming FeedersThe Ejwox is a great choice and falls on this list mostly for its cost-effective 4pack feature. But that's not all, it is also made of safe food-grade plastic ensuring no rust for the hummingbirds and is decorated with a flower nozzle that gives it a naturalistic feel for the garden space.

The feeder can be easily unscrewed from the base when cleaning. As a collection of four, each feeder holds 2.3ounces of nectar and has several feeding stations to ensure more birds feeding on your garden.

  • A miniature hand-held design is available as an alternative
  • Easy to clean
  • Leak-proof
  • Rather small in carrying capacity
  • The flower nozzle can cut the mouth of your hummers

9. Gray Bunny Hummingbird feeder GB6846B

Best Hummingbird feederGray Bunny is a household name in gardening and has not disappointed in hummingbird feeder alternatives. The feeder comes as a pack of two and can be placed on stands or left hanging on trees. It is made of highest grade plastic which is a plus because it means no rust and infection for the hummingbirds. Each of the feeders carries 2.3oz of nectar and this is accessed through an ornate flower nozzle.

There is a tight seal for the feeder which ensures that there won’t be any leaks. It is ideal for a small garden. However, some buyers may not like the very simple design as it does not make it easy to attract hummers to your garden.

  • Comes with a 1-year guarantee
  • No rust premium grade plastic
  • Easy to unscrew for cleaning
  • No perch feature
  • Flower nozzle may be unsafe for the birds

10. Garden Collection Feeder (2pack)

Best Garden FeederThe garden collection feeder makes it on this list because of its size and cost-effectiveness. It comes as a pair of two plastic feeders with several feeding points and metal hanger with which to hang the feeders onto a branch.

There is a carrying capacity of 16oz which makes it ideal for a newbie birder or one with a small garden that has not been fully established.

  • Strong metal hanger to attach to a branch
  • Several eating points
  • 2 pack feature means more nectar capacity
  • Too simple design
  • No place to perch

Buyer’s Guide for Hummingbirs Feeders

What to consider when buying a hummingbird feeder

Even after a whole list of 10 best hummingbird feeder reviews, you may still find that it is difficult to make the next decision for which product to purchase. Whether you are an established birder and want to upgrade or you are a newbie, there are a few features and points you will need to consider to make that one special purchase for your hummingbird nesting experience. Such factors like cost, quality, carrying capacity and aesthetic designs are your main guidelines but you may also want to know why.

Hummingbirds are not naturally domestic birds and will need to be attracted to your garden. This when the factor of design comes into play. Once you have established a few of them as garden guests, there is no stopping more from coming which is why you will need to consider such factors like carrying capacity, feeding stations as well as placement issues.

It is also at times worthwhile to consider the beak of the bird, as some feeders are not made to suit the long thin beak of the bird, though most manufacturers of hummingbird feeders are now factoring this when designing. Lastly, and more importantly, there can be no talk of buyer guidance without discussing cost-effectiveness. So a wholesome purchase decision is hinged on a lot of dynamics and we will explore these in some detail.

Carrying capacity

Because you want to host flocks of hummingbirds and the more they are the better, you should consider a feeder that can carry much nectar. It may be a bit more self-serving though because it essentially means you will need to refill the hummingbird feeder that much more often if it is rather small. Most large feeders are between 20-38 ounces of carrying capacity. This range is suitable for the busy birder who would not want to lose out on flocks of birds but with no time to keep making the trips to refill.

However, when you have a smaller garden and you are a stay-at-home or not so busy birder, smaller feeders may be ideal. It may also be a benefit to have numerous feeding stations with smaller capacities to spread the birds around your garden.

Feeding Stations

The same way you might want a feeder with a large reservoir, for attracting and hosting more hummers, is the same way you would be on the lookout for one with several feeding stations. One other factor to consider when checking on feeding stations is how well they are designed to suit the beak type of a hummingbird. Some feeders are made of plastic material that is sharp-edged and may cause injury to the hummingbirds.

It may also be necessary to ensure that the feeding station is only hummingbird-specific. Most manufacturers are making them like that – with tiny holes- but where the feeder can accommodate other bird types, it may cause several undesirable fights from rival birds in your garden. For adequate feed, the number that may work is 4+ because it allows for more birds while giving room for the hummers not to press too hard on each other in competition for food.


There can’t be the talk of purchasing without discussing the quality component of a feature. Quality has been defined by the Collins Dictionary as the “standard of something as compared to others of the same group” and another definition is that if something is fulfilling its purpose and satisfying customer expectations it is considered of quality.

For bird feeding, standards of quality usually pertain to the material used. As far as utility purposes are concerned, when the material is glass or plastic, it should be the better version of that material. The plastic such as polycarbonates makes quite excellent quality feeders because it is not easy to break while it doesn't pose threats of infection to your birds. This is perhaps why there is less steel type of feeders because of how, over time, these may become rusty.


Design, for the greater part of any product you buy, is all about aesthetics. But in hummingbird feeders, this is particularly important in that they need to be attracted to your garden if ever you will successfully have a hummingbird experience. Bright colors, nature-oriented artwork such as flowers and shapes that are pleasant to the eye are all features to look out for when considering a feeder for attracting hummers. To learn more about the fundamentals of attracting hummingbirds visit the site, Audubon.


Cost is essentially the same across products. Hummingbird feeders generally range between $8-30 and finding some middle ground might be advisable. It does not always follow those costly products that are the best on quality and utility, some great brands are considerably affordable such as Aspect and First Nature. Cost is, therefore, a matter of affordability for the purchaser depending on how much you want to invest in the keeping and feeding of hummingbirds in your backyard!

Tips you must know when feeding hummingbirds

Perhaps the best advice I could give about how to effectively engage in hummingbird feeding is this; always keep a ready supply of nectar for your feeders. To be able to do this, take note of the following;

❖ If you have a busy schedule, ensure that you buy a bigger sized large capacity feeder that can carry more nectar for longer periods.

❖ Buy a feeder with smaller holes in which only hummingbird bills can fit without disturbance from rival birds and insects like bees and ants

❖ Make your nectar so that it is always ready on hand.

❖ Change the nectar mixture often, perhaps every 5-6 days will do.

How to make Nectar for your hummingbird feeder

Making nectar is one of the easiest tasks when you intend to keep hummingbirds in your backyard. You will only one cup cane sugar and 3-4 cups spring water, mix them well and add to the reservoir of your hummingbird feeders. Avoid sweeteners, honey, or brown and organic sugars as they contain starch and starch is not ideal for your hummingbirds, learn more about the best tips for making safe hummingbird nectar.

Ensure that your cane sugar is purely white. This is a sign that it has been rid of all molasses which we all know as safe for humans but it is highly toxic for hummingbirds.


While several brands and products claiming to be the best on the market for hummingbird feeders, we have made every effort to give you a conclusive list on which ones are the best hummingbird feeder. As you start on your new and exciting hummingbird experience, we have tried to make it easier by giving you a guide so that you spend less time on the purchase of the feeder than you would on the feeding itself.

I have found this to be quite frustrating, at times outright discouraging and have at times abandoned a new hobby, a new interest, all in the name of buyer confusion. I hope this list will help you make the most of your hummingbird backyard feeding experience!

A Guide of Top 10 Best Hummingbird Feeder in 2019

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