Top 10 Best Lawn Fertilizer Reviewed in 2019

Top 10 Best Lawn Fertilizer Reviewed in 2019

The importance of choosing the best lawn fertilizer these days cannot be underemphasized.  Wait, have you for once felt like nature is working against you when you keep making efforts to get that super green grass you desire and it’s not just really working out? Well, the truth of the matter is that your lawn’s soil is already blessed with rich nutrients but you just have to beef up its potentiality through the application of the best lawn fertilizer. Fertilizers will help your grass to grow richly and continuously, instead of just dying off.

Choosing the best lawn fertilizer goes beyond just looking out for the products that are up for sale at your local hardware or online store, it’s about making a valid research that will equip you with all the information you need to know about lawn fertilizers; their pros and cons, the vital seasonal influences and factors as well.

And with the hope of helping you to make the perfect decision, I am writing you this review and buying guide to furnish and garnish you with all you need to know about lawn fertilizers, the best lawn fertilizers for your different uses and many other relevant things you should know concerning how to catapult your lawn from its ill-looking view to a resplendent one. Sit back, relax and enjoy the reading. 

Our favorite picks

Best Overall Miracle-Gro Best Value Simple Lawn Solutions 16-4-8 Best Budget Safer Brand Ringer Lawn Restore 
Best lawn fertilizer Bermuda grass Best liquid lawn fertilizer Best lawn fertilizer for spring
  • Application is very easy 
  • It acts very fast 
  • It contains ingredients that helps you to achieve greener results
  • It works well on any type of grass 
  • It has no chemical that can harm your lawn in any way. 
  • It provides adequate Nitrogen, Phosphorus & Potassium nutrients. 
  • It’s very economical 
  • It greens your lawn rapidly 
  • It has no odour

10 Best lawn fertilizer with reviews 

1. Safer Brand Ringer Lawn Restore – Best lawn fertilizer for spring 

Best lawn fertilizer for springWhen your lawn is green, it depicts its healthiness and for you to get such lawn, there must have been a prospering ecosystem within your soil. Safer Brand introduced this product to the general populace to guarantee that the natural elements that are contained in your soil are properly balanced so as to give you a desirable greener and healthier lawn in just few days of application. Regardless of how worn your lawn is, In just about 3-5 days, this fast acting product will bring out the beauty of your lawn just as it has been doing for over 50 years.

For you to get a beautiful lawn in spring, you need to feed your grass and this fertilizer is your perfect selection because of its formula that brings life to drying grass and provides greening in fresh grass. To include, this fertilizer is very good for use on warm- and cool-season grasses and it’s one of the reasons why I vote it to be the best lawn fertilizer for spring.

  • It’s very economical 
  • It covers up to 5,000 sq ft
  • It greens your lawn rapidly 
  • It has no odour 
  • You will need a lot of water to dissolve the product and ensure it gets down into the soil  

2. Simple Lawn Solutions 16-4-8 – Best liquid lawn fertilizer 

Best liquid lawn fertilizerA liquid fertilizer is simply explained as a concentrated liquid nutrient medium that helps to feed your soil with nutrients that correct deficiencies in a fast effect. This product is made from high quality and it is manufactured for the greening and growth of your lawn while it as well provides adequate energy for strength, health and root support.

16-4-8 works well on any type of grass such as Kentucky Bluegrass, Ryegrass, St. Augustine, Bermuda, Fescue, Bahia, Buffalo, Zoysia, Florida Palmetto and Centipede. This fertilizer will treat your lawn if it’s deficient in nutrients and supply it with the macro nutrient treatment  it needs. So, it’s evident that you don’t only enjoy the advantage of this fertilizer being liquid, but its versatility and the quality of nutrients are great plus to its efficiency and usefulness.

  • It works well on any type of grass 
  • It has no chemical that can harm your lawn in any way. 
  • It provides adequate Nitrogen, Phosphorus & Potassium nutrients. 
  • It’s not recommended for use in a rainy weather 

3. Milorganite 62036-MW – Best organic lawn fertilizer

Best organic lawn fertilizerThis Milorganite 62036-MW is one of the best organic lawn fertilizers you will find around. There are lots of interesting features this fertilizer has that fully corroborated my recommendation for it as indeed the best organic lawn fertilizer.

Foremost, in case you unknowingly over-apply it, don’t worry too much about your grass getting burnt because it’s a slow-release.

Secondly, your pavement will not get stained and you can even apply this product on golf courses which often requires a kind of a high level of maintenance.

Thirdly, your safety while using this product shouldn’t be a serious concern again because it’s approved and regulated by EPA. This fertilizer will encourage proper growth on both your clay and sandy soils because it’s 5-4-0.

  • It’s safe for both kids and pets 
  • Getting a greener grass is assured 
  • It works nice for both clay and sandy soils
  • It can get a bit smelly 
  • It’s quite pricey 

4. GreenView Fall Lawn Food – Best fall fertilizer for lawn 

Best fall fertilizer for lawnThis fertilizer is peculiarly manufactured for usage during fall as it contains formula that helps in preparation of grass for winter stress survival and provides strong growth to grass. It as well ensures root growth and vigour and during the fall months, it helps in maintenance of a green and thick lawn. GreenView repairs damage caused by summer and it restores nutrients to the soil, If you want fewer clippings, brilliant color response, faster green-up and a deeper Green turf, get yourself one today and use during the fall months to enjoy the best results.

You will really enjoy this using this fertilizer, especially if you use it during the fall period as recommended because of the ingredients it contains which are very vital to the growth and development of your lawn. When it’s fall and everything seems to be falling, you can count on this GreenView Fall Lawn Food to save your lawn from falling off to condemnation.

  • It’s very effective 
  • It greens your grass 
  • It supplies nutrients that are needed for growth and survival. 
  • Best used during fall months only. 

5. SeedRanch St. Augustine Lawn  – Best lawn fertilizer for St. Augustine grass 

Best lawn fertilizer for St. Augustine grassSt. Augustine grass is also referred to as buffalo turf in Australia. This type of grass is popularly cultivated in subtropical and tropical nature and due to its nature, it requires a satisfactory level of maintenance, thus, I will only recommend you to purchase this fertilizer; SeedRanch, to get the best of your St. Augustine Lawn.

If you have a St. Augustine Lawn, you have something that’s nice but what will be your gain if you cannot maximize its potentials and increase the tone and volume of its sophistication by feeding it with the best lawn fertilizer? Well, I can fully guarantee you that this product will bring out the beauty of your St. Augustine grass and it will supply all needed nutrients plus a six percent of iron that will ensure proper growth and excellent greening.

This fertilizer will supply all the needed elements that are needed for your St. Augustine grass and in the long run, you’ll truly appreciate yourself for making a wise decision.

  • It offers six percent of iron
  • It supplies adequate nutrients 
  • It covers up to 12,000 Square feet 
  • It’s best used for St. Augustine lawn grass only. 

6. Scotts 44615A Green Max Lawn Food – Best lawn fertilizer for summer

Best lawn fertilizer for summerGetting a green and beautiful grass during summer has been made achievable with this Scotts 44615A Green Max Lawn Food. In just about three days of having applied, you would begin to see the manifestation of the promised greener grass.

Apart from making your grass greener, your grass will as well become stronger and thicker because it contains a super boost of iron. If you’re the type who doesn’t have too much time to set apart for taking care of your lawn, go for this product, because it doesn’t need frequent attention, you just have to ensure application every six to eight weeks.

So, make sure you get this lawn fertilizer for your lawn especially during summer so that it can cool off all the tension that the weather brings. And by doing so, you’ll be surprised at the wonderful results you’ll truly get, how it will make your grass become stronger and you’ll definitely want to recommend this Scotts 44615A Green Max Lawn Food to a fellow.

  • It helps to make your grass grow quickly, stronger and thicker 
  • Getting a beautiful lawn is guaranteed 
  • It requires low maintenance 
  • It’s a little bit expensive 

7. Scotts 38605D Lawn Food – Best winter lawn fertilizer 

During summer, your lawn is likely to have experienced some damage which are usually inflicted by the drought and heat but the interesting thing to hear is that, this Scotts 38605D will help you fix such damage and as well prepare your roots for the upcoming unfriendly winter conditions. This fertilizer will aid your roots with the easy absorption of nutrients and water and the more you feed your lawn regularly, the more energy it gets to resist stresses of activity, weather and weed.

Apart from the fact that this fertilizer is inarguably nice for use during summer, it also helps to prepare your grass for the next spring by building a strong, deep roots. So, what are you waiting for?

  • It can be applied to any type of grass 
  • It covers up to 5, 000 square feet 
  • It helps to build strong roots 
  • It has the possibility of pervading a strong odour

8. Miracle-Gro – Best lawn fertilizer Bermuda grass

Best lawn fertilizer Bermuda grassBermuda grass is also referred to as Wiregrass or Couch Grass and its origin can be traced to India and African Savannah. I’ll advice you to go for this fertilizer for your bermuda grass especially if your lawn had long struggled with the perturbing heat and drought. Due to the manner this fertilizer spreads, it helps in the growing of a durable and thick lawn as you can easily apply with the use of a sprayer.

To include, this product is renown for its high level of versatility; you can use it for houseplants, shrubs, flowers, trees and vegetables. You can cover about 1,000 square feet with just a single packet of this product and enjoy its many features. Feed your bermuda grass with this fertilizer to grow greener, thicker and quicker grass, it’s guaranteed!

  • Application is very easy 
  • It acts very fast 
  • It contains ingredients that helps you to achieve greener results
  • You need to mix properly to avoid burning your lawn 

9. Greenedge Slow Release Fertilizer 6-3-2 – Best slow release lawn fertilizer 

Best slow release lawn fertilizerLooking for the best slow release lawn fertilizer? Look no further because you just find it! GreenEdge is 100% organic nitrogen and I vote it to be the best slow release lawn fertilizer because of its environmental friendliness and sustainability.

Regardless of whatever needs to be done in your garden, GreenEdge answers all with effectiveness. It will not burn your plants, it doesn’t have to be watered in and it’s not difficult to use.

If you’re the type that do not have too much cash to spend on purchasing fertilizers often and often, I’ll recommend you to go for this product. Due to the fact this fertilizer is slow release and as well the best of its peers, you’ll truly realize its quick effects on your lawn and the beautiful look it will splash on your lawn as it drips slow and steady. So, if you’re up for purchasing a slow release lawn fertilizer, this product is just a few tap away from purchase!

  • It’s quite easy to use 
  • It’s environmental friendly 
  • It doesn’t burn your plants
  • It gets used up quickly 

10. Pennington Fast Acting Gypsum – Best fertilizer for clay soil lawn 

Best fertilizer for clay soil lawnIt’s a very great idea to apply this Pennington Fast Acting Gypsum to your clay soil lawn. I will recommend you to use this fertilizer rather than applying other Gypsum because this product works two times more effective. There is no more fuss with loosening compacted soil because this Fast Acting Gypsum helps you to do that real quick and as well ensure promotion of the growth your root. So, for your clay soil lawn, I will advice you to get this Pennington Fast Acting Gypsum so as to enjoy its many nice and fast features.

Just as the name depicts, your clay soil lawn will be glad it is fed with a “Fast Acting” fertilizer because it will make growth and absorption of nutrients very easy and not herculean. Actually, there’s this thing about clay soil lawn, unlike other soils, they require more attention and that’s why I’ll recommend you to use this Pennington Fast Acting Gypsum on your clay soil lawn so that all your troubles on growing a beautiful lawn would be completely eliminated.

  • It promotes your root growth 
  • It loosens compacted soil easily 
  • It’s truly ‘fast’ as it says. 
  • It’s a bit pricey 

Buying Guide for Lawn Fertilizer

A lot of people desire to have a beautiful and attractive lawn. When you actually take good care of your lawn, you will of course get what you thirst for! But sometimes, getting this lush lawn can become herculean and this is why it’s important for you to equip yourself with the right knowledge and choose the best lawn fertilizer that will serve you well. Wherefore, you should also be conscious of the fact that finding the best lawn fertilizer is dependent on the household needs, type of lawn and  geography, all these three factors are very important. 

The point is, you can get that healthy lawn you desire but you will need to choose the right lawn fertilizer and for you to do that, you have to make little researches on fertilizers and this is exactly why I have written this review and highlighted the best lawn fertilizers for different purposes. Take your time to go through it and choose your best lawn fertilizer today! 

What Should You Consider Before Choosing a Lawn Fertilizer?

There are two vital things you must put into consideration before you choose a lawn fertilizer. The first factor to consider is the type of grass you have. Regardless of whatever kind of grass you have, it will still need water, nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium to survive. Zoysia grass, Bermuda grass, tall or red fescue, perennial ryegrass, and Kentucky bluegrass are the common types of grass we have and all these grass require the correct quantity of nutrients that are supplied by provided by lawn fertilizers.

Another factor you should as well consider is the nutrient content of your lawn. It is advisable to be fully aware of the exact nutrients your lawn is lacking and this can be achieved by determining the soil pH. 

What determines the quality of the nutrient of lawn fertilizer? 

Plants require six primary nutrients to bloom; carbon, hydrogen, oxygen (they come from the soil) and nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium (they come from fertilizers).

The nutrient quality of fertilizer is determined by the N-P-K ratio and the letters stand for nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium respectively. If you want to purchase fertilizer and there is an indication of the N-P-K ratio of 15-15-15, this means that it contains the same quantity of all needed three.

Nevertheless, there are as well other fertilizers that have different N-P-K ratings like 21-8-14; an unequal quantity of all needed three. To grow healthy grass, choosing the fertilizer with the needed N-P-K ratio is quite important. 

Types of Lawn Fertilizer

If you want to minimize maintenance and ensure the prevention of pest damage and disease as well, it is quite pertinent for you to use a fertilizer for your lawn. And thus, if you are faced with different kinds of fertilizers, which one will you go for? Well, let me not bother you too much, there are three distinct kinds of lawn fertilizer you will see when you check out a garden store and they are water-soluble, granular and organic.

Organic lawn fertilizers are the kind of fertilizer that can be manufactured at home, they are all-natural.

Granular lawn fertilizers are the kind of fertilizer that permits you to set and regulate when your lawn will be fed, they come with time-release formulas.

And lastly, water-soluble lawn fertilizers help the grass in ensuring absorption of the solution and they are quick-released. For you to choose the type of fertilizer that will be best for your lawn you should answer these three questions; how available am I to take care of my lawn? How much fertilizer does my lawn need? How do I want to apply my fertilizer? Once you provide an answer to those three questions, the right kind of fertilizer to use will already be glaring to you.

Apart from these three major types of lawn fertilizer, there are also gradual release fertilizers. If you want to reduce the chances of your lawn getting burnt and ensure that the vital elements do not leach away into the soil, go for gradual release fertilizers. 

Liquid Fertilizer vs Granular Fertilizer 

When you use a liquid fertilizer, all the nutrients contained will be released immediately upon contact and liquid fertilizers are referred to as fast-releasing fertilizers. Liquid fertilizers are best used when you need your grass to practically instantly absorb the contained nutritional components but one of the deficiencies is that it can be used up quickly because of how it releases so quickly.

Granular fertilizers are also referred to as dry fertilizers and unlike liquid fertilizers, they release very slow. With this, you would have understood that the nutrients contained are steadily released to the grass via the granule. The advantage of this fertilizer is that it can be applied at any time but one of the advantages is that it does not help a lawn quickly 

How to Apply Fertilizer to Your Lawn

For you to ensure that your applied fertilizer is evenly spread, you will need to use a spreader. There are three main types of spreaders. The first type is the drop spreader. It’s very accurate and it helps you to spread the fertilizer exactly where you want it to be. The second type is the broadcast spreader and it’s as well-referred to as a rotary spreader.

If you want to spread the fertilizer over a surface area that is quite wide, go for this spreader. The third type is the handheld spreader. It’s a bit comparable to broadcast spreaders and it’s quite easier to use. 


Q: How often should I fertilize my lawn?

A: This is dependent on the type of grass you have. If you have cool-season grass, you should fertilize four times altogether in May, April, September, and November. During growth periods, you should fertilize your warm-season just three times.

Q: How should I fertilize my lawn?

A: Since you already know the needed level of minerals, choose the best fertilizer for your lawn and ensure correct application.

Q: What is the right quantity of fertilizer to apply?

A: It is recommended to apply on a rate of 1-pound of nitrogen.


Getting the best lawn fertilizer can sometimes appear very nerve-wracking but when you combine all these few tips that I’ve provided and enumerated, you will find it very easy to choose the perfect fertilizer for your lawn. However, do not forget to be very mindful of when you feed your lawn because the only a well-fed lawn will look lush and healthy.

Keep your lawn healthy and it will increase its resistance to mow, foot traffic, cold, drought, heat, and other stresses. To make sure your lawn wears that green and lush look you have long desired, feed it regularly with the best lawn fertilizer but make sure you don’t do overfeeding as well. And when you finally observe the best lawn fertilizer for your use from the list of lawn fertilizers that I’ve provided, make sure you study the pros and cons as well to further reevaluate the choice you have made. And with this, I believe that choosing the best lawn fertilizer should no longer be a problem.

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Top 10 Best Lawn Fertilizer Reviewed in 2019

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