Top 5 Best Lightweight Garden Hose Reviews & Buyer’s Guide in 2020

Top 5 Best Lightweight Garden Hose Reviews & Buyer’s Guide in 2020

Many people love spending an unbelievable amount of time in their garden while watering their plants. Even though it is relaxing at first, it becomes difficult, especially if you have a heavy hose that is hard to carry. You need to take them from one location to another, and that’s how your Sundays can get tiring. Some people also spend carrying buckets and buckets of water, considering this to motivating and exercise type. However, we feel this is an indication that you must go for the dedicated lightweight garden hose.

It is great to work with a lightweight garden hose as it is flexible, and you can easily carry it around the garden. The hoses come in different materials with varied thicknesses. Based on the size of the backyard, you can choose the length of the tube. The garden hoses are multi-purpose and widely used for watering, drinking water, and washing. Unlike traditional hose that consumes most of your mornings trying to make coils, you can easily remove the wrangles, bends, and tangles.

You can even teach the small children in your home to carry them around to water the garden. In this way, you can plan summer project fun and engage them. If you’re planning to buy a lightweight garden hose but don’t know where to start, then don’t worry. In this article, we have listed the best lightweight hoses considering various aspects. These are great garden hoses that can help you efficiently water the garden and maintain them. 

Our Favorite Picks

Best Overall Zero-G 4001-50 Lightweight Garden Hose Best Value Titan Flexible Garden Hose Best Budget Flexzilla HFZG550YW Garden Lead-in Hose
Best Lightweight Flexible Garden Hose Best 150' Lightweight Garden Hose Best Lightweight No Kink Garden Hose
  • Kink-resistant
  • Lead-free
  • Easy to maneuver

  • Lightweight design
  • Heavy-duty brass fittings
  • No kinks
  • Extremely flexible
  • Easy to coil
  • Safe to use for drinking water

Top 5 Best Lightweight Garden Hose with Reviews

1. Flexzilla HFZG550YW Garden Lead-In Hose – Best Lightweight No Kink Garden Hose

Best Lightweight No Kink Garden HoseHave you been using a Garden Hose that often sets you in the path of being troubled while watering your plants? Well, this Garden Hose from Flexzilla could be your ultimate solution to all such issues. The best part about the product is while it’s light-weighted, it doesn’t kink while watering the garden. This garden hose possesses zero coiling memory and thus will lay flat on the ground when you drop it. 

The HFZG550YW Green Garden Hose is the ultimate revolutionary solution that features air-hosing techniques that are suitable for all sorts of weather conditions. The garden hose remains flexible even when the temperature drops below -40 degrees. Your garden, worksites, and yards could be well watered with the use of this product. 

  • Suitable for use in extreme weather
  • Light-weighted
  • Doesn’t kink even under pressure
  • Equipped with leak-free O-rings
  • Gets infested by black mold
  • Contains Phthalates

2. Zero-G 4001-50 Lightweight Garden Hose – Best Lightweight Flexible Garden Hose

Best Lightweight Flexible Garden HoseMore often than not, people are found complaining about how rigid their garden hoses are; and how difficult it gets to handle those when the water is being sprayed at a pressure. However, those troublesome days of hose-handling can now be left behind, due to the introduction of the Zero-G ultra-flexible garden hose. The product is very light-weighted and will impart you with a smooth watering experience. 

The Zero-G 4001-50 is prepared from a material that guarantees to be 50% lighter than the commercial vinyl used in the manufacturing of hoses. Also, the product is efficient and is tested to be safe against abrasion. The best part about this hose is that it comes with adequate proofing against leakage.  

  • Resistant against puncture
  • Abrasion-free
  • Leak-proof
  • Light-weighted
  • After a few uses, the nozzle doesn’t function well
  • Isn’t kink-free

3. Titan Flexible Garden Hose – Best 150′ Lightweight Garden Hose

Best 150' Lightweight Garden HoseWhen people opt to purchase light-weighted garden hose, they often come across one or the other issues. Either it is related to the leakage of water from the tube after a few uses, or sometimes the spraying of water is not powerful enough to water the plants adequately. However, the garden hose from TITAN promises to combat all of these watering issues. 

The product is promising enough to make your gardening experience hassle-free and fruitful as well. The garden hose from Titan is 150ft long yet is renowned for being extremely light-weighted. Also, the company promises about offering you with a garden hose that has expandable properties with this latest product being lined with Latex for leakage proofing. 

  • Expands up to 3 times of its original length
  • Light-weighted and functional design
  • Core lining if of Latex
  • Comes with Brass jet nozzle 
  • It is quite wimpy
  • The diameter of the hose is minimal

4. Forever Steel Hose Stainless Steel Metal Garden Water Hose

Best Lightweight Garden HoseAre you fed up with the vinyl garden hoses? Because, why not? They just often tend to get damaged way too soon, and although they make promises about being leak-proof, we all know what the results usually are. However, with the heavy-duty metal hose from Forever Steel, your experience of gardening is about to change forever. The 304 Stainless Steel Hose from the company is resistant against UV and can be used for a heavy-duty purpose. 

The best part about this garden hose from Forever Steel is it remains cool during the summers, and during winter, it doesn’t freeze. The entire length of the garden hose is about 25 feet –long enough for watering a medium to a large-sized garden. The opening of the tube is about ¼ inches, which often restricts unwanted water pressure.   

  • The material is highly durable
  • Advanced flexing technology
  • Non-expandable 
  • Light-weighted
  • Metals sometimes result in leakage
  • Inner diameter is 7mm 

5. Water Right 400 Series Brass Fitting Garden Hose

Best Lightweight Garden HoseIt is very rare to find a garden hose that is light-weighted, slim, yet does the work efficiently without kinking or wimping. However, someone has answered your wishes, it seems. All your gardening woes concerning garden hose can be set aside with the Water Right Polyurethane Garden Hose. That is not only light-weighted but also slim and extremely durable. 

One of the best advantages of purchasing this garden hose is that it won’t kink permanently. And the hose is soft, slim, flexible, and light-weighted, which will impart you with an unmatched experience of gardening and watering of the plants. The water hose is suitable for all sorts of weather conditions, even during sub-freezing temperatures and extremely hot water situations. 

  • Safe for being used for drinking water
  • Prepared out of polyurethane
  • Available in various colors
  • Options for the diameter of the hose is available too
  • Gets knotted often
  • Grip coating is not up to the mark 

Buying Guide

Types of Lightweight Garden Hose

There are three types of garden hoses that are categorized based on their construction. It includes:

  • Coiled Hose
  • Flat Hose
  • Soaker Hose

Factors to Consider When Buying Lightweight Garden Hose 

Material: Garden hoses are made up of different materials, including rubber, vinyl, nylon, polymers, polyurethane resins, etc. While rubber tubes are more durable and flexible, they are heavy. On the other hand, vinyl pipes are less expensive and durable. Polyurethane or hybrid tubes are kink-resistant and light in weight. You can use them for drinking water, but they are expensive. 

Since not all material pipes can’t be used for drinking water as they contain lead that can harm your body. Hence, it is wise to decide whether you are going to use this hose for your garden or other purposes like drinking water. And based on that, choose the material of the hose.

Hose Fittings: Hoses either come with brass fitting, aluminum fitting, or stainless-steel fittings. While brass fittings are preferred due to its durability, sometimes, they alleviate the pipe weight. On the other hand, aluminum fittings are tough and lightweight; they may bind with other metals when wet. As a result, it is difficult to disengage the fittings from the faucet ends. Stainless steel fittings are the least preferred fittings as they are not as durable as brass and aluminum fittings.

So, before you buy a hose, make sure you check the hose fittings and choose the one that meets your requirements without burning a hole in your pocket.

Hose Size: The hose size varies from ½ inch to 7/16 inch. Smaller the size of the hose is, the lesser the amount of water flows through it. Hence, before you purchase a garden hose, it is wise to choose the hose as per your project size. If you have a small yard, then a small-sized hose can meet your needs, but if you have a big yard, it is wise to choose a big size hose to save your time and efforts.

Weight: The weight of a hose plays a vital role in picking the right garden hose. You can reduce the weight of hose either by using a lightweight material or reducing the hose size. A smaller diameter hose will weigh less, but it will carry less water. Hence, before you choose a lightweight garden hose, it is recommended to consider your project size.

How to Maintain a Garden Hose?

Proper maintenance of a garden hose can increase its durability and longevity. So, here are a few tips that can help you to maintain your garden hose.

  • Avoid sunlight: The harsh UV rays of the sun can crack the outer lining of the hose. So, it is always better to keep the pipe away from sunlight when not in use.
  • Proper draining: If the hose is kept under pressure for a long time, it increases the probability of the hose to leak out water. So, to keep the garden hose secure and safe, the built-up pressure must be discharged properly.
  • Rolling up: If the hose is left in a pile, it produces kinks, which may crack and tear the hose. So, it needs to be rolled up every time after using it. Using a hose reel or holder is a much better way to maintain your hose for a long period.
  • Avoid dragging: Dragging the hose can lead to its permanent damage. It is especially not recommended when one is dragging the hose by the spray nozzle because it can weaken the connecting area between the nozzle and the hose.
  • Store it before winter: A garden hose needs to be stored in a secured place during winter. It is essential to make sure that the two connectors are well connected to keep the insects away from entering and damaging the hose pipe.


Q1-How to check if a particular hose is safe for drinking water or not?

A1-You can check the hose packaging. Every manufacturer mentioned whether a hose is safe for drinking water or not. In case the packaging doesn’t indicate that the hose is safe for drinkability, you need to contact the manufacturer.

Q2-What is the meaning of burst rating and PSI?

A2-Burst rating and PSI are the vital factors of a hose that lets you know how much pressure per square inch your hose can withstand. The greater the rating and number, the greater the amount of pressure you can hose can handle without bursting.

Q3-What are the essential features a lightweight garden hose should have?

The A3-Any lightweight garden hose must be durable, abrasion-resistant. A hose must offer your max flexibility to maneuver it. Portability and drinkability are also good features that most of the lightweight garden hoses have.


Now you are fully equipped with the knowledge and understanding that you need to buy the best lightweight garden hose. However, the market is full of countless numbers of options. It is always recommended to know your needs before buying a garden hose. It will help narrow down the list of options and make it easier for you to decide. 

All the products on our list are top-rated and last for several hours. However, not all hoses may not fulfill every person’s needs. So, make your decision very carefully. All the best!

Top 5 Best Lightweight Garden Hose Reviews & Buyer's Guide in 2020

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