Ultimate Guide of 10 Best Pellet Stove with reviews in 2019

Ultimate Guide of 10 Best Pellet Stove with reviews in 2019

Heating a space has been made very economical and effective these days with the advent of pellet stoves. While you are on the look for the best pellet stove in the market, you should not as well forget to make researches on the distinct kinds of pellet stoves that are available and as well do a comparison of prices to assist you in narrowing down all the choices you have made.

It’s not a new thing that when winter comes, everything becomes cold and there is sickness, cold, dry air, snow, and even fatal diseases occur and in such weather situation, one can only count on procuring the best pellet stove to moderate the temperature at home and turn it to a small refuge. Isn’t that nice? I know it is though.

Thus, it’s evident that the need to get the best pellet stove cannot be underrated and this is why I will be sharing with you the weighty information I’ve gathered from the research I’ve made about what determines the quality of a pellet stove, pellet capacity, heating output and most importantly, how to choose the best pellet stove. So, I need you to ward off the fear that winter arouses in you, relax and enjoy reading this review and tips as I unravel to you valuable hints to keep your house cozy and your body warm with the best pellet stove.

Our favorite Pellet Stove

Best Overall Comfortbilt Pellet Stove HP22 Best Value US Stove Multi-Fuel Stove Insert Best Budget US Stove R5824 
Best wood pellet stove Best multi fuel pellet stove Best pellet stove for mobile home
  • It’s convenient to use 
  • It provides up to 50,000 BTUs
  • It has a nice design and larger viewing area
  • It’s versatile and easy to operate 
  • It’s certified for modular and mobile homes
  • It has five blower speed settings 
  • It has a simple and nice design
  • It’s good for zonal heating
  • You can regulate the temperature to your taste

Reviews of 10 Best pellet stove

1. Napoleon Fireplace EPI-1402 – Best pellet stove insert

Best pellet stove insertIf you’re looking for the best pellet stove insert for your home, look no further because you just found it! And yes, it’s this Napoleon Fireplace EPI-1402. This pellet stove will give you no problem while it’s operating and with just a little bit of wood and efforts, it will give you stunning luxurious heat that comes from fresh burning fires.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed when you go for this stove because of its nice blend of efficiency and awesome design. You don’t need to worry too much about getting the glass cleaned because it comes with an effective airwash which is charged with the maintenance of the viewing glass. In addition, this stove has the feature “WHISPER QUIET” which ensures the generated heat is evenly spread.

  • It’s easy to install 
  • It’s EPA certified 
  • It’s easy to clean 
  • It’s a bit expensive 

2. Napoleon TPI35 – Best pellet stove for the money 

Best pellet stove for the moneyWarming up your home is the joy of this stove and this is proudly because of its BTU which is over 38,000 and its efficient 45-pound hopper. Even though this stove is a little bit expensive, it’s still economical because you can get to burn an equal mix of corn and wood pellets, isn’t that really nice?

The efficiency rating of this Napoleon TPI35 is 76.3%, for about 30-hours or so, you will enjoy the roaring fire of this stove as it burns benevolently. The temperature can be easily controlled with its thermostat and the 120 CFM convection fan is there to serve you as well.

  • It requires less fueling 
  • It can burn an equal mix of corn and pellets
  • It burns for as long as 30 hours 
  • It requires regular cleaning 
  • It’s somewhat pricey 

3. Comfortbilt Pellet Stove HP22 – Best wood pellet stove 

Best wood pellet stoveIf you have larger spaces to heat up, go for this Comfortbilt Pellet Stove HP22 that heats up to 2,800 square feet. Unlike other pellet stoves you will see in market, the large heating capacity specially differentiates this product. And apart from its stunning heating capacity, its design is another thing worth talking about; it has a huge and stylish viewing window from which you can get to take a glance of the flames if you want to.

I vote this Comfortbilt Pellet Stove HP22 to be the best wood pellet stove because of its strong blower that helps to heat up your space in a very effective and quick manner like no other. It’s very easy to use this product because of its automatic ignition and, its user-friendliness is quite amazing due to its programmable thermostat. You don’t need to worry too much about warranty and technical assistance when making a purchase for this product because the manufacturer provides a 1 year parts warranty. So, what are you still waiting for?

  • It’s convenient to use 
  • It provides up to 50,000 BTUs
  • It has a nice design and larger viewing area
  • If you’re not experienced, you may need professional installation 

4. Timberwolf Economizer Pellet Insert – Best small pellet stove 

Best small pellet stoveI vote this Timberwolf Economizer Pellet Insert to be the best small pellet stove because it’s very easy to use and be maintained. You should experience no problem starting this pellet stove due to its automatic ignition system and it does look stunning with its ceramic glass window. This product is very high in efficiency and it’s not surprising that it has up to 76.3 percent score on that.

Despite the small good-looking size of this pellet stove, its capacity still speaks high volume as it can heat up a 2,000 square feet home effectively with its 38250 BTUs of heating power. With the 45-pound hopper capacity of this product, you can enjoy a burn time of 30 hours.

  • It heats up to a 2,000 square foot
  • You will enjoy a burn time of 30 hours 
  • It’s easy to use 
  • Some believe it’s a bit expensive 

5. US Stove Multi-Fuel Stove Insert – Best multi fuel pellet stove

Best multi fuel pellet stoveIf you seek for a versatile multi fuel pellet stove, I’m glad to inform you that you just found it and it’s this US Stove Multi-Fuel Stove Insert.  This pellet stove can burn processed silage, bio mass fuel grains, olive pits, cherry pits, soy beans, corn and compressed wood pellets. With the BTUs of power it has, heating up homes effectively is the joy of this pellet stove and it has no worries heating up your home effectively indeed!

This product is one of a kind, it has five blower speed settings that can be easily adjusted and it uses a digital control board which helps to change your burning material. If you want to, you can feed your eyes with the pleasurable sight of its raging fire through the large viewing window. This pellet stove is certified for modular and mobile homes.

  • It’s certified for modular and mobile homes
  • It has five blower speed settings 
  • It’s easy to operate 
  • It requires professional installation 

6. Summers Heat 55-SHPEP – Best Pellet Stove under 2,000

Best Pellet Stove Under 2,000Whenever you are shopping for a pellet stove, it’s advisable to always go for the best pellet stove that will serve you well in terms of efficiency and effectiveness. Summers Heat 55-SHPEP Evolution Pellet Stove is one of the best pellet stoves that I can fully recommend to you. Either you want to use for your workplace or home, it is very efficient for both and can heat up to 2,000 square feet.

Unlike other pellet stove that give you too much concern about burning time hour, this Summers Heat 55-SHPEP offers a burning tone of about 27 hours and it’s not surprising, all thanks to its 45 pound hopper. You don’t need fire starter or gel for this stove. With just the digital control board, you can adjust the blower speed, heat range and enjoy its auto ignition as well.

  • It’s easy to use 
  • It’s very effective 
  • It can heat up to 2,000 square feet. 
  • It needs a high level of maintenance 

7. Deari Serenity Wood Pellet Stove – Best pellet stove under 1500

Best pellet stove under 1500Apart from the fact that this product does its work perfectly fine, the design is very cool for the environment. This stove is capable of supplying sufficient warmth for your room without disconnecting or hurting the serenity of the ambiance of your home. You can easily get it adjusted and with its auto mode, you’re fully in charge of all controls.

Based on whatever pleases you, you may choose any heating level that suits your craving; from 1 to 4. It’s very convenient for you because of the way it’s constructed to be in a standing position which means that you can use it in your office, a hotel or your private house.

However, it’s very important that you clean this stove regularly so that the fire pot will not get blocked. There’s no disturbance while working or sleeping because this stove is quiet and it can even effectively supply heat to anywhere you place it.

  • It functions effectively 
  • It has no noise 
  • It can be used at home or at office 
  • It needs regular cleaning 

8. Pleasant Hearth 1,800 Sq. – Best pellet stove under 1000

Best pellet stove under 1000This Pleasant Hearth 1,800 Sq. Medium Wood Burning Stove is one of the best pellet stoves you would find in the market for a cheap price. You have no problem heating your home with this stove because it’s highly efficient and it will as well warm your heart. To include, you don’t have to be bothered with its emissions because it is fully EPA certified.

Installation is quite easy and you can easily get it all assembled. Cleaning the glass window has been made less stressful for you with the air wash system that does that automatically for you. Other things you will enjoy from this stove is its 5 years limited warranty and it’s huge ceramic glass viewing area.

  • It heats up to an area that is 1,800 sq. ft. 
  • It’s easy to clean up 
  • It’s EPA Certified
  • If you want to enjoy it best, you will need to fuel it with seasoned cord firewood.

9. US Stove R5824 – Best pellet stove for mobile home 

Best pellet stove for mobile homeIf you don’t have too much space and you need a pellet stove that won’t occupy much space, I will advice you to go for this US Stove R5824. This product is quite small, cheap and despite its small size, you can always count on its efficiency.

Don’t be deceived by its size because in just a fueling, it can form a good couple of hours which will keep you warm for a long period and it can heat up to 1300sq.Ft. It’s heating capacity is up to 30,000 BTU but you just have to make sure that it’s loaded with enough wood pellets.

US Stove R5824 is EPA certified and it’s as well approved for mobile home use. Depending on how the weather is, you might opt for high, moderate or low-temperature level as you wish, the digital control board is where you can regulate the temperature to suit your taste.

  • It has a simple and nice design
  • It’s good for zonal heating
  • You can regulate the temperature to your taste
  • It has small hopper capacity

10. Bay Front Wood Pellet Stove – Heater Furnace Fireplace

Best Heater Furnace FireplaceThe sleek and durable design of this pellet stove is what first got me attracted to it. And even as it functions excellently, it is an additional attraction to your home. Regardless of how your home is set and organized, this pellet stove will supply you the desired level of warmth you thirst for. You will truly appreciate yourself for warming your house with this pellet stove because of its warm radiant heat that comes from a flux of good old fashioned and modern technology.

However, don’t underrate the efficiency of this pellet stove, it’s level of efficiency is great and it has the capability to serve your home well. So now, let me ask you this question, do you still want to continue putting on that sweater when you can have the service of this pellet stove to your advantage? Well, It’s up to you now to make a choice.

  • Leek and durable design 
  • You might need professional help with installing it 

Buying Guide for Pellet Stoves

With the arrival of winter, it becomes pertinent for one to start making plans on how to heat the home. During this winter season, the costs of energy begin to climb outrageously and at this point, it is always advisable to go for another economical option of warming your house and this is where getting the best pellet stove comes in. Do you know that you can increase the temperature in your home and concurrently drastically reduce costs of heating in your home? Well, yes you can.

With a pellet stove, you can save on heating costs and enjoy an alternative way of heating your home effectively. But actually, getting the best pellet stove that perfectly suits your taste can sometimes appear quite nerve-wracking due to the limitless distinct versions that are available in the market. Anyways, this should no longer be a problem because I have reviewed and listed the best pellet stove for different uses and outlined their features, capacities, upsides, and downsides. And with this, I believe you should be able to choose which pellet stove will be perfect for your home or workplace. 

Do You Need a Pellet Stove?

Pellet stoves are one of the most important and sophisticated appliances that one must-have. With a pellet stove, you can heat your home in an extremely efficient way and because it uses pellets, running a pellet stove is very inexpensive. Purchasing a pellet stove is one of the smartest choices you can make because of its efficient heating and low-cost. So, do you need a pellet stove? Yes you do, unless you want to be oppressed by the terrific winter heating bills which won’t be nice. 

How do Pellet Stoves Work? 

Pellet Stoves have five main components and they are the electric blower, burn pot, fuel pellet hopper, heat exchange, and auger.

Pellet hopper

This component is responsible for holding the biomass materials that have been compressed. Pellet hoppers do come in different sizes which means that they can hold different quantities of pellets.


This component is the intermediary between the hopper and the burning pot. Its main function is to carry pellets from the former to the latter.

Burn pot

When the auger turns, the pellets go to this part; the burn pot. The fire is extremely hot but it remains small.

Electric blower

This component is responsible for ensuring that the pellets burn efficiently by adding air to the fire.

Heat Exchange

This is situated at the top of the heating compartment. It has to do with a series of pipes exchanging and dispersing heat. 

How to choose the best pellet stove

While you are on the market looking for the best pellet stove, there are three important factors you must take note of; ease of installation, heating capacity, and price.

Ease of installation

Some pellet stoves are difficult to install and some are quite easy to install. However, you should have it in mind that installing your pellet stove correctly is very important if you do not want fire hazards for occurring.

Heating Capacity

While choosing your pellet stove, make sure you go for the one that has more than enough capacity to heat your home. For example, the Comfortbilt HP22 I recommended as the best wood pellet stove is very good and effective for a large room because it can heat a home to 2,800 square feet.


This is the last important tips I believe can help you choose the best pellet stove. While shopping, it won’t be a bad idea to do price comparisons of the list of pellet stoves that I’ve earlier suggested. Comfortable HP22 is quite expensive but it will really serve you well, and if you want a pellet stove with a low price, you may go for the best pellet stove under 1000 or 1500 or perhaps, you may even go for the best pellet stove for mobile home because it’s not up to $1000. 


Can I count on the efficiency of pellet stoves?

Yes, of course, you can. Pellet stoves are more effective and powerful compared to a normal wood stove because they supply enormous heat and as well ensure an even distribution to produce desired warmth. 

What safety tips do I need to operate a pellet stove?

Foremost, make sure you read the instruction manual thoroughly and scrupulously. When it comes to fuel your stove, some stoves can burn small logs, wood chips, cherry pits, nutshells or corn kernels, the manufacturer instructions will tell you exactly which one can fuel your stove. Also, ensure proper ventilation of your pellet stove. 

What is the meaning of BTU?

BTU is otherwise known as the British thermal unit and it is utilized in measuring the quantity and quality of power the pellet stove produces.


Heating your home with the best pellet stove is one of the things that you will appreciate yourself for doing. It’s an ideal thing to heat your home with a pellet stove because it will save you from the outrage heating cost and as well, complement the design and beauty of your house. You don’t need to worry too much about space while installing a pellet stove because a very large number of them do not require a large space for installation. And when it comes to getting the pellets to burn, you can just make an order online or check-up some local or hardware stores.

Unlike traditional wood-burning stoves, pellet stoves are very much easier to use and they are more efficient when it comes to heating your home. While you are shopping for the best pellet stove that will serve you well, don’t forget to consider the size of your home and the size of the stove, take a look at the pros and cons that I’ve provided and made your purchase to start enjoying a warm ambiance in your room. Good luck!

Take a look at the below video to learn how to install a pellet stove:

Ultimate Guide of 10 Best Pellet Stove with reviews in 2019

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