Buying Guide of 10 Best Snow Shovel – 2019 Edition

Buying Guide of 10 Best Snow Shovel – 2019 Edition

Like every other season, winter comes with its problems, one of which is heavy snowfall. Although lovely to see, snow can quickly become a problem when it piles up in your driveway, walkway, garden, or several other places. This is a major reason why you need equipment that can be used to easily clear off your driveway when heavy snow pile up in them. A snow shovel comes in handy for this. However, there are so many options in the market today that it can easily become stressful to select the best based on several ambiguous features that are often listed on their sites.

To ease the process of going through several websites when trying to make a choice, we’ve listed ten of the best snow shovels under different categories. We’ve also included a buying guide to help you make a purchase decision that suits your particular needs.

Our top 3 picks in 2019

Best Overall AAA 4004 Best Value Greenworks 2600802 Corded Snow Shovel  Best Budget Snow Joe iON13SS Electric Cordless Snow Shovel
Best Lightweight Snow Shovel Best Electric Snow Shovel Best Cordless Snow Shovel
  • Easy to assembly 
  • Available in three bright colors
  • Great for use while traveling 
  • Great option for use in areas with steady power supply
  • Portable and lightweight design for easy use
  • Offers so much functionality for a small price
  • Cordless design for large mass coverage
  • Cheap option with good performance level
  • Good physical design.

10 Best Snow Shovel Reviews (Updated Aug 2019)

1. Greenworks 2600802 – Best Electric Snow Shovel

Best Electric Snow ShovelThe first option in our collection features a cord, which means that it works smoothly with electric connection. Greenworks have already created a niche for themselves in the electric shovel market, so it is not surprising that one of their products have made it to this list. A lot was put into the manufacture of this electric snow shovel and you can see it in its special design. It comes with a two-paddle auger, a suitable lengthy cord, and a simple propelling action, all combining to make shoveling easy. It is built fit for clearing snow of up to 12 inches by six inches, so you can be assured that you have the perfect tool for heavy falls.

A few people have complained of the cord to be a problem, but we see it as a solution instead, since it eliminates the need for charging and there would be no limit to the time you can use for shoveling snow. It comes with a start button that’s easy to see and use. It is also lightweight for easy maneuver and has everything guaranteed to make the job easier.

  • Easy to use brand
  • Relatively affordable compared to most other brands in its category.
  • Very effective for cleaning large pile of snow.
  • Limited cord length.

2. AMES 1613400 – Best Snow Shovel For Driveway

Best Snow Shovel For DrivewayIf you intend to buy a snow shovel that you will be using solely for flat surface areas like sidewalks and driveways, then the True Temper 20 in. Aluminum Combo Blade Snow Shovel is a sure bet for you. From the look of its design, you can already tell that it will do well for clearing large surfaces. It has a durable metal scoop and a curved handle design that helps for you to cut through ice with very little stress. Its 20-inch blade of get a the functionality of a push, as well as the ability to scoop. It is also reinforced with a protective steel wear strip that sturdy enough to help elongate its lifespan.

Most users commend the truly economic handle design of the True Temper 20 in. Aluminum Combo Blade Snow Shovel which makes usage easier, so that you don’t have to bend over too much.

  • Special design for efficiency in large driveways
  • Special handle design to minimize risk of back strain
  • Metal scoop may lead to damage of softer surfaces.

3. Grant Nordic Car Shovel – Best Snow Shovel For Car

Best Snow Shovel For CarThe Grant NP091KDU Nordic Car Shovel stands out when it comes to quality and durability, but that is not all that there is to it. Quite a number of users have described it as an amazing wonder because of how it manages to combine good look with high level of functionality – characteristics that most other brands find it difficult to combine. The highpoint of this snow shovel , however, is its ability to compress into far lesser length than its usual length, so that it can be thrown into the trunk of your car without eating up any space. This shovel comes in handy of your car ever get stuck in w snowy area.

The blade of the Grant Nordic Car Shovel features an advanced knockout system to help for easier snow removal. The beautiful color of this shovel, its easy grip handle, and affordable cost all combine to make it one of the most sort after in the market.

  • Features and ergonomic easy grip handle
  • Can be compressed for easy carriage in the car
  • Relatively affordable.
  • May not function well when faced with high piles of snow. 
  • Some customers have complained of durability issues.

4. Lifeline Aluminum Sport Utility Shovel – Best Collapsible Snow Shovel

Best Collapsible Snow ShovelLike the one we reviews before, this snow shovel is built to be easily compressible for easy carriage. It features a special crafting technique that allows for three parts to be collapsed into one. The reason for this breakdown is for easy storage in places with less spaces, especially in cars and trucks.

While testing, we found that it is an equipment that you can easily keep with your roadside emergency kits without having it take so much of your space.

Apart from the great compact design of this snow shovel, it is also lightweight, meaning that you can carry it to anywhere alongside other tools. The shovel can be adjusted from 26 inches to 32 inches offering the best leverage and clocks without needing much.

While it is good to hope that you never get into a tight corner where you will need emergency snow dispensing, this is still a good choice product to ensure your safety and that of your loved ones.

  • Adjustable into a small piece for easy carriage
  • Lightweight combined with great functionality.
  • Not designed for clearing large driveways.

5. Snowplow 50548 Snow Shovel – Best Snow Pusher Shovel

Best Snow Pusher ShovelThis specialized snow pushed shovel by snowplow has been designed to feature a blade that measures up to 48 inches in width.

Apart from the self-sharpening feature of the blade, we were blown away by the effectiveness of the snow pusher in breaking and chopping up harder icier snow during usage.

Without a single doubt, we can tell that this is the perfect shovel to own if you live in an area with a high deposit of snow per year.

We are glad that the company brought the quality it has always been known for into the production of a snow pusher that every household should own. The handle is built with fiberglass and designed to be extra-long with an ergonomic grip that maximizes comfort. The option is also very durable, so you can expect to not need another for a very long time.

  • Self-sharpening feature to reduce stress during usage
  • Durable and ergonomic design to make it last long.
  • Not effective for lifting and tossing snow.

6. Snow Joe iON13SS – Best Cordless Snow Shovel

Best Cordless Snow ShovelCordless snow shovels have always been a preferred choice for people handling relatively snow shoveling in places with epileptic power supply, and the Snow Joe iON13SS Electric Cordless Snow Shovel is one product that standout from its competition in design and performance. Snow Joe is a company that pays a lot of importance to performance and that shows in the level of efforts that they’ve put into the design of this particular product. Its efficient design means that it would work without problems for shoveling snow from walkways and sidesteps.

Most users find the 2-blade hybrid battery interesting because it eliminates the need for tune-ups, cords, or even oil during operation.  During testing, we found that the shovel can work efficiently without stopping for up to 52 minutes before requiring a new charge. The snow shovel is carbon emission free, making it a good option for environmental preservation.

  • Lightweight design for easy carriage
  • Easy assembly
  • Cordless function for convenient usage
  • Snow thrower cannot be directed
  • Tendency of handle to shift when used in area with heavy snow.

7. Suncast SC3250 – Best Shovel For Bad Back

Best Shovel For Bad BackA lot was invested into the design and manufacture of this shovel, although it may seem a little weird during your first-time usage. With a bit of getting used to however, you will find the ergonomic shovel quite easy to use and highly effective for clearing huge piles of snow without injuring your back.

The shovel has a length if 53 inches, but its S-shape shaft makes it seem a little shorter which would make it great for shorter users. The shovel is a dual purpose tool and this makes clearing easier.The head slight bend in the head of the shovel makes pushing look almost like a human is pushing a plow. However, there is still a small scoop to it, as you will you will not be able to handle snow pile when it gets too much.

  • Easy to use
  • Wide head for large land coverage
  • Reduces strain on back.
  • A bit too short for very tall people.

8. The Snowcaster 30SNC – Best Snow Shovel With Wheels

Best Snow Shovel With WheelsSnow shovels naturally make snow removal easier, and with the addition of wheels, you can tell for sure that it is pure bliss. From the name, you may easily imagine it to be a starring Meryl Streep from a fantasy movie, but it is not, but it is not. Instead, it is a rugged built 36″ snow shovel that’s designed with wheels for easy movement. The blade is designed with a durable polymer plastic which makes it best suited for light snow piles.

Its blade is conveniently bi-directional, and this feature makes it capable of being angled to either the right or left side, depending on where you prefer. From the price of this model, we concluded that although it may not be the best in the market, it offers enough performance for its money.

  • Relatively affordable option
  • Presence of wheels for easy movement
  • Durable polymer plastic blade.
  • Only suited for light snow shoveling.

9. AAA 4004 – Best Lightweight Snow Shovel

Best Lightweight Snow ShovelLightweight and portable shovels will always come on handy for you if you live in an area where inclement weather can strike at any time. You want to have a lightweight shovel when you are driving, hiking or enjoying a fulfilled holiday in an area that’s prone to snowfall. Having a lightweight snow shovel in such locations would not only guarantee save snow removal but it will also reduce the stress involved in the process. Thankfully, this snow shovel stands out in portability, lightweight, and in performance, given you an option that would be your perfect company throughout snow time.

At 1.3 pounds, there is hardly any snow shovel that can go below it in weight. The handle can be adjusted between 25″ to 32″ to accommodate everybody. Apart from being lightweight, this snow shovel also presents its users with an interesting level of versatility, making them usable for many things.

It comes with a high-quality aluminum frame that can be adjusted to fit into a backpack, in case you fancy going for a hike.

  • Easy to assembly 
  • Available in three bright colors
  • Great for use while traveling
  • May not be able to handle heavy-duty shoveling.

10. The Suncast Snow Pusher – Best Metal Snow Shovel

Best Metal Snow ShovelThis shovel may not be as fancy as most others on this list, but it is highly effective. If you prefer a strong, functional and durable shovel over style, then this is the perfect choice for you.

Of course, it doesn’t feature wheels, motor or some of those fancy stuff you will see in modern snow shovels, but it can help you move heavy pounds of snow quickly and efficiently.

At a length of 51 inches, you would expect that the shovel would literally toss snow over your shoulder, and that is exactly what this one offers. Its ribbed shift is made with a steel core, keeping it strong from bending even when strained by the weight of a shovelful wet snow.

  • Strong and reliable long handle
  • Works both as a shovel and as a pusher
  • Metal design helps for longer usage.
  • Design is too basic
  • Blade sometimes catches on rough surfaces.

Types of Snow Shovel

Before buying a snow shovel, there’s need to be sure if it will suit your particular need. The availability of to many options in the market can get you confused on what to buy. To beat this, you need to understand the different types of snow shovels available, so that you can be sure of which fits your particular need. Here, take a look at the most popular types of snow shovels available in the market, as well as their features, so you’d be able to decide the best fit for you. 

  • S-shaped Ergonomic Shaft Snow Shovel

From the name, you can already tell that this kind of snow shovel is shaped like S. This shape is to reduce painful bending during the whole process of snow shoveling. An ergonomic snow shovel is a perfect option for people that do not want their backs to be subjected to any amount of strain. Some shovels under this type also have an adjustable shaft so that the length of the shovel can be adapted to fit any height or weight.

  • Snow Pusher 

Unlike most other types of shovel, a snow pusher is specially designed to be able to push the snow straight ahead. From its design, you can tell that it would be easy for pushing snow to the direction of your choice. 

  • Snow Pusher With Wheels

This type of snow pusher is otherwise known as a wheeled snow shovel. It is an alternative to snow pusher that’s fitted with wheels to make the pushing of heavy snow loads easier. The push-along motion of she’s made it take a lot less effort during operation.

  • Telescopic Snow Shovel

This type of snow shovel is designed to be space-saving. It comes with a specialized shaft that can be extended or retracted with ease. All it needs is a simple screwing or unscrewing to get it to the desired length. 

General Tips For Choosing a Snow Shovel 

Here, take a look at a few tips that will help you pick the right shovel that will match your need from the plethora of options when you need one:

  • Choose a Shovel That Matches Your Strength: People differ in strength and ability to handle works, hence the need to know what matches your strength when you need one. If you are weak, then a metal shovel will quickly see cumbersome for you to use, whereas short one and light will be wasted in the hands of a tall and much stronger person.
  • Size: Just like humans, shovels have different sizes. Each size of the shovel is designed for different sizes of people. A tall person would, for instance, develop a backache when they use short snow shovels, while short for would simply not be able to get proper leverage when using snow shovels with longer handles.

For starters, make sure the diameter of the handle of your choice shovel is comfortable to hold. You can also avoid blisters by choosing a shovel whose handle fits properly into your hand.

  • Opt For Quality Over Price: Yes, you probably have a budget you don’t want to exceed already and that is something good. However, you should be open to options with good quality and not be limited by their prices. Good quality snow shovels are usually more expensive than those of lesser quality, but you should be wary of using price as a criterion to judge quality as this can sometimes create room for misjudgment.
  • Check Size of Shovel Blade: Shovel blades come in different sizes and a realization of this would help you think towards the right direction when getting the perfect fit for your work. When making your choice, you should aim for a size that can handle your workload without stress, so that you don’t have to strain yourself to pick it up. 

Snow Shovel Safety Tips

If not used properly, snow shovels can easily cause danger to the health of users, and that’s why you need to understand proper safety precautions before using a snow shovel. These tips would help you stay safe when you set out to use your snow shovel, irrespective of type:

  • Warm-up: There’s a need for you to keep your muscles warm and active before going out to shovel. A few light movements like bending from side to side it taking a slight walk around can help you achieve this. 
  • Push, Don’t Lift: Most snow shovels work well for pushing away snow piles, hence, reducing the tendency of strain in your body that can be caused by lifting. If you are going to lift snow, however, bend your knees and use your legs whenever possible.
  • Lighten Your Load: Consider going for a snow shovel with less weight, since it helps to decrease the weight when it is being lifted 
  • Dress Properly: Experts will usually advise that you dress in layers to stay warm. Be conscious to know when you are getting warm, however, so that you can remove some layers to maintain comfort.
  • Stay Hydrated: Drink plenty of water throughout the process to stay hydrated.


There you have it, a comprehensive guide of best snow shovel that will help you make the right choice of snow shovel when you want to buy one. The options we’ve listed above are selected after careful research and rigorous testing of several different brands, so you can be sure of the quality and performance level.

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Buying Guide of 10 Best Snow Shovel - 2019 Edition

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