10 Best Wheelbarrow with In-depth Buying Guide & Reviews

10 Best Wheelbarrow with In-depth Buying Guide & Reviews

Since its invention, wheelbarrows have become an important part of the garden and home maintenance. It is not hard to see why it is needed in every home, considering the amount of work that it does. Today, there are so many types and brands of wheelbarrows in the market with each offering its unique features and advancements.

The presence of so many brands can get you confused when you want to find the best wheelbarrow. To help you beat this, we’ve researched through dozens of options to come up with the best in terms of performance and functionality under different categories. We’ve also written a buying guide with all the information you need to make the right choice of wheelbarrow when you need one.

Our Favorite Wheelbarrows

Best Overall Marathon Dual-Wheel Residential Yard Rover Wheelbarrow  Best Value WORX Aerocart Multifunction Wheelbarrow  Best Budget Best Choice Products SKY2705
Best Two Wheel Wheelbarrow Best Garden Cart Wheelbarrow Best Price Wheelbarrow
  • Designed lightweight for easy use
  • Specialized handles for easy maneuver
  • Made with anti-rust material
  • Offers impressive level of versatility
  • Good balance 
  • Easy to use
  • Very cheap option
  • Easy to use
  • Specialized design for easy maneuvering 

10 Best Wheelbarrow with Reviews

1. Best Choice Products SKY2705 – Best Price Wheelbarrow

Best Price WheelbarrowWhen it comes to garden tools, price always plays an important role in the choice of most people. The company behind the production of this wheelbarrow understands this norm, and that’s why they’ve put so much into the production of a wheelbarrow that stands out in performance and in price. Unlike most other affordable wheelbarrows, this one has everything to make it one of the most sort after.

First, it is made from durable materials, which means that it will last long, irrespective of specific usage. It also comes fitted with big tires to make for easy usage, especially for gardeners that are not too strong. So, if you are looking for a wheelbarrow that will serve everyone at home without stress, then this is the one for you.

It is important to note, however, that the biggest stand out feature of this wheelbarrow is how well it can offer so much at an incredibly little price. It is certainly the product to look out for if you are working on a tight budget. As a capacity of 5 Cu. Ft., you can expect that it will handle most residential, gardening, and landscaping needs without much troubles.

  • A very affordable option for handling garden needs
  • Light-weight makes for easy usage 
  • Large wheels for convenience.
  • Poor build quality

2. Marathon Dual-Wheel Residential Yard Rover – Best Two Wheel Wheelbarrow

Best Two Wheel WheelbarrowIf you are accustomed to the use of garden tools, then you should have heard the name of this brand at one point or the other, because they do no wrong when it comes to the manufacture of high-quality garden tools. The  Marathon Dual-Wheel Residential Yard Rover Wheelbarrow is another typical example of how the brand can pay attention to even the tiniest of details.

The wheelbarrow proved extremely easy to handle and maneuver and it is hard to place if the reason for this is its cushion-grip loop handle or the two balanced air-filled tires. The handles shape is designed in such a way to make pushing, pulling, and dumping extremely easy. The wheelbarrow is also lightweight and has a rust-proof technology that keeps it going for years without rushing. At 29 Ibs, we found the wheelbarrow to be lighter in weight than most average wheelbarrows.

As expected, this wheelbarrow features some interesting specs all round that makes it a favorite for many gardeners.

  • Lightweight design for easy carriage 
  • Specialized handle design for easy maneuver
  • Double wheel for balance during use.
  • The bolts may need replacement before use if you desire sturdiness.

3. JACKSON M6T22 – Best Wheelbarrow For Concrete

Best Wheelbarrow For ConcreteThis wheelbarrow is socially designed and tagged as a contractor wheelbarrow by the manufacturers, so you can tell that it has enough to offer for heavy-duty usage. From your first sight of it, you will be able to conclude that it is designed to take on heavy loads with ease. It comes with wooden durable handles, each complete with front braces to support the 6 cubic foot attached steel tray. Further down the wheelbarrow, we found that it has special H-brace design legs with additional leg shoes to help stability while the wheelbarrow is at its rest state.

Unlike some other heavy-duty wheelbarrows that are found in the market, this one comes with a tubed tire and that would mean that you would need to keep it aired through the years, but it is still durable enough to hold as much load as can fill its tray.

  • Heavy-duty tires to carry heavy amount of loads
  • Well, balanced design for comfortable movement.
  • The tendency to rust when not stored correctly
  • May proof difficult to lift when fully loaded.

4. Gorilla Carts GOR886D – Best Heavy Duty Wheelbarrow

Best Heavy Duty WheelbarrowOne look at its name and you probably can already tell that this one is literally a gorilla in the way it operates. There’s a lot about this wheelbarrow that stands it out from other heavy-duty wheelbarrows apart from its name. If you are looking for a wheelbarrow that will ultimately haul and dump garden wastes and other elements, then this is just the perfect one for you.

From the handle of the wheelbarrow, down to the last part of it, you can tell that it is built to handle heavy tasks. The handle has a specialized grip that makes pulling convenient and stress-free. With the handle design, you would be able to adjust grip during a pull and it will not deliver any jerks.

In addition to the convenience of its handle, it has a fully metallic body that supports use for any work. The build supports longer and more rugged use, so you can expect that your investment in it will last long enough for you.

On its carrying capacity, we found the wheelbarrow surprising, as it comfortably lifted up to 1200 Ibs of load. You will be impressed by how the wheelbarrow handles all the hefty materials that you desire to move from one location to the other.

  • Topnotch steel frame 
  • Make of rust-free material to support longer usage
  • Robust tires to help it battle any terrain.
  • Can prove too heavy sometimes.
  • Not easy to assemble.

5. WORX Aerocart Multifunction Wheelbarrow – Best Garden Cart Wheelbarrow

Best Garden Cart WheelbarrowThis wheelbarrow provides a kind of versatility that you will not find in most other wheelbarrows. It functions as a cart, although it is still moved like a wheelbarrow. It combines many functions of wheelbarrows and carts and that’s one of the standout features why some users prefer it. With the level of versatility provided by the cart, you can comfortably use it in the garden, home, or even outside the home.

Its 300-Ibs capacity means that you may not be able to move heavy loads, but if you desire to do a few around the home movements, then this is the stuff for you. Its two extension arms can be folded to allow you to carry bulk loads as you would normally do a potted plant.

  • It offers a good level of versatility. 
  • Easy assembly and conversion
  • Not fit for carrying huge loads

6. Rubbermaid FG564200BLA Plastic Yard Cart – Best Commercial Wheelbarrow

Best Commercial WheelbarrowThis should be the first to come to your mind when you are looking for a wheelbarrow that can suit your commercial needs. The wheelbarrow has a heavy-duty design that makes it capable to handle nearly all tasks you throw at it.

Most customers are drawn to the reinforced ribbing that adds toughness and durability to the brand. This commercial wheelbarrow is complete for all intents and purposes and comes complete with a steel axle and pneumatic tires.

  • Ergonomic and sturdy handles for convenient movement.
  • Designed to handle heavy-duty tasks
  • The spokes of the wheel are not strong enough to last ad much as the wheelbarrow.

7. AMES KPWB10 – Best Wheelbarrows Under $100

Best Wheelbarrows Under $100Sometimes, our quest for good quality is limited by the tightness of our budget and we end up buying substandard tools that will not last as much as we desire. This is the bridge that AMES, the company behind the production if this wheelbarrow are looking to bridge this gap and that’s why they’ve built some impressive functionality into a wheelbarrow that can handle it all and offered it in the market at a give away price.

It is the perfect wheelbarrow to buy for your little ones when they begin to develop an interest in farming. It is designed in such a way that even kids as young as three can conveniently use it without issues. It is made from high-grade plastic material, while its handles are wooden. They are designed to be sealed, so you would not want to worry about bruises or splinters when using it.

We found this to be an awesome product for people that have kids or seniors in their house, since it allows for easy use, and is not as expensive as most others.

  • Very safe for kids usage
  • Very affordable option
  • Not fit for heavy-duty work.

8. Mac Sport WTC -124 – Best Wheelbarrow For Landscaping 

Best Wheelbarrow For LandscapingMAC Sports is a popular company that has always been known for the manufacture of recreational equipment and furniture. The company that was founded in , 1993 has today grown into one of the most popular companies in the manufacture of collapsible folding furniture.

Very recently, however, it branched out into the production of garden tools, and it has already started proving that it can bring the quality it is known for in furniture to garden equipment. One such item that is cementing the company’s place in the heart of gardeners all over the world is the Mac Sport WTC -124. It is built to the last to handle everything that can be thrown at it as far as landscaping is concerned.

It has style and functionality in good measure, so you can expect to have gotten it all with this purchase. The wheelbarrow does not require any additional assembly, so you can get down to using it once it arrives. Not only does the wheelbarrow have a large interior, but it is also collapsible into a tiny 8″, making it one of the most convenient wheelbarrows to move around.

On its durability, this wheelbarrow comes with four tires, each engineered to help keep the wheelbarrow steady and comfortable.

  • Four large wheels to help for easy movement 
  • Doesn’t need unnecessary assembly.
  • Carriage of small capacity. 

9. MARASTAR 70019 – Best Small Wheelbarrow

Best Small WheelbarrowAlthough dual-wheeled, this wheelbarrow is still small enough to work well in any location. You will like the portability of the wheelbarrow, especially since it allows for easy maneuver and turn into any small corner. It comes designed with a loop handle to improve stability and make movement easier. With this kind of handle, you can easily move the wheelbarrow up the stairs if there is ever the need.

The only team of this wheelbarrow is designed to be rust-free, so you can use it in the harshest of weather without being scared of rust or eventual damage. The manufacturers guarantee that it will last for years without any damage. It is also lightweight, although that should not be taken to mean that it is not solid. It can handle up to, 100 Ibs of wood without so much stress.

  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to clean
  • Rust-resistant technology 
  • Too small to handle bigger works around the garden.

10. Polar Trailer 8376 Utility CartBest Wheelbarrow

Best WheelbarrowYou won’t be wrong to call this one a workhorse that’s designed to simplify your work. First, it has a superb fabrication that ensures to keep it from rusting or even cracking. It also comes with a balanced axle that’s added to simplify the process of hauling heavy luggage without so much stress. Additionally, the makers of the wheelbarrow have made strong enough to withstand rough and rugged use, and this is something you can notice from your first look at it.

At this point, we will importantly note that the wheelbarrow is quite expensive, but its cost can be justified by its strength and the quality and durability of its tires.

  • It is Durable Ease of usage and assembly
  • It is relatively expensive.

What to Lookout For When Buying a Wheelbarrow

Knowing the right wheelbarrow to buy for your need can involve a difficult process on its own. When faced with the burden to choose from a plethora of options, here are a few criteria that you can adopt to select the best.

Size: This should be the first thing to look into before making your choice. You want to be sure of getting a size that will fit your particular needs. You should know that wheelbarrows are designed in different sizes, with each made to fit particular heights and size of jobs. If you are an average size person, then you should be able to use most wheelbarrow sizes. However, if you are short, you would need to get a shorter wheelbarrow, so that you will not strain yourself while trying to work. You will find that most wheelbarrows will be assembled before being sold, but in cases where they are not assembled, take note of every tiny detail, considering that they will matter when you begin to use to wheelbarrow.

Material: The second most important thing that you need to consider when making your choice of the wheelbarrow is the material it is made from. Different wheelbarrows are made from different materials, so you want to check to be sure it is something you can handle. While some are made from rust-resistant materials, others are made from plastic and PVC canvas. Ask meaningful questions to your seller whenever you do not understand anything about the material composition of your choice wheelbarrow.

Design: Although wheelbarrows are designed to serve the same purpose, they still differed in their level of durability. Their durability is mostly a direct function of their design, so before buying, you want to take a look at all the parts of the wheelbarrow to ensure that it has all you need to keep going.

Types of Wheelbarrow

Like we mentioned earlier at the beginning of this guide, there are too many types of the wheelbarrow that it may be difficult to exhaust it all. However, to make it simple for you, we’ve researched and listed the most popular types for you. Take a look at them:

  • Single Wheel Wheelbarrow

The single wheel wheelbarrow is the most popular type in the market. It has a simple but incredibly classy look. It is the type that can be maneuvered most easily and is easy to dump. It is also relatively affordable, although it often requires more upper body strength than most others. 

  • Two Wheel Wheelbarrow

This is another very popular type of wheelbarrow that can be moved from one place to the other. You will mostly see this type as garden carts. They provide an impressive level of balance and can be pushed by anyone, without needing any prior skill. The issue, however, is that double wheel models are not as easily maneuverable as single wheels aren’t. They are also not too convenient when being used to haul loads on inclined surfaces.

  • Steel Type Wheelbarrow

When you are looking for a type of wheelbarrow that can handle small and heavy-duty jobs, this is the one for you. They also have a solid reputation for lasting very long because of their rugged build. They are strong and won’t crack when exposed to harsh weather conditions. 

  • Plastic Wheelbarrows

This is the plastic version of the explanations we’ve made above for the steel wheelbarrow. This one is usually lighter and can be transported more easily. They are a great option for use in the garden. The issue, however, is that they will not last long as metal wheelbarrows will normally do.

Maintenance Tips For Wheelbarrow

When buying wheelbarrows, you expect that they will at least last for a while before any damage comes upon them. While it is easy and good to wish, you still need to work hard if the must last as much as you desire. Of course, you bought them for a price and won’t like to just throw away something that ate into your budget. This is why proper maintenance is advised. Maintaining a wheelbarrow can be quite tricky, as there are a lot of important things that you need to do to keep them going.

Take a look a few tips that can help you maintain your wheelbarrow for a long time:

  • Store in a Cool Dry Place:

    What you do with your wheelbarrow when you are not using it matters a lot to its safety. While most wheelbarrows are designed to be able to withstand rugged outdoor usage, that doesn’t in any way mean that you should be careful with them. Continuous exposure to rain, sunshine or any other harsh weather condition may cause the wheelbarrow to rust or develop frictional problems. Hence, the need to keep it somewhere out or the reach of these weather elements when they are not in use. Alternatively, you can build a small storeroom or barrage in your garden where your wheelbarrows will be permanently kept until you are ready to use them.

  • Read Instruction Manual:

    Most wheelbarrows come with their manufacturer’s manual that contains instructions that will guide easy usage. As expected, you will find how to assemble, as well as maximum carrying capacity in the manual. Abiding by all these instructions will help you take proper care of the wheelbarrow, hence, elongating its life. Take your time to go through every instruction, ensuring that you understand each before attempting to use.

  • Consult Experts To Handle Repairs:

    Running self-repair on your wheelbarrow can lead to potential injuries. Except you understand the technicalities in the different parts of a wheelbarrow, take it to an expert to handle all repairs.


There you have it, everything you need to know about a wheelbarrow before making your purchase. We’ve suggested the best wheelbarrow under different categories to help you make the right purchase decision. Feel free, however, to research other brands based on the purchase guide before making your purchase.

10 Best Wheelbarrow with In-depth Buying Guide & Reviews

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