Electric vs Gas Snow Blower: Your Top Choices Explained

Electric vs Gas Snow Blower: Your Top Choices Explained

When shopping for a snow blower, you might be confused about which model to get. However, both kinds of snow blowers have their benefits.  You might have been wondering which model is better, electric vs gas snow blower. For example, electric models don’t need much maintenance, unlike gas models.

Electric models are also lightweight and as such allows for easier storage. These models are not as expensive as the gas models. As the name implies, electric snow blowers need to be connected to an electrical outlet before they can be powered. Is an electric snow blower good? An electric snow blower is good for clearing light snow.

Gas models are known to be more powerful than electric models. These models are less problematic and they can clear tougher snows than their counterparts. Although they are more difficult to start, they are self-propelled making them easier to utilize. Gas models don’t need any connection before they can start, and with these models, you can move as far as you like without worrying about any cord. 

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Our Recommended Picks

Our Recommended Pick for Electric: Toro 38381

We picked Toro 38381 as our favorite electric snow blower. This snow blower features a Power Curve technology that allows more snow to funnel through the machine on the first touch. This helps to reduce the amount of cross-checking you have to do. It is also lightweight making it the perfect choice for people having bad backs.

This snow blower is used for a lighter task. If used on deeper snow, you might have to do several passes, and this will reduce the machine’s lifespan. Therefore, it is ideal for light and powdery snow and as such a good choice for people carrying out lighter tasks. It is very easy to assemble, which means you can start using it immediately when you purchase it. It is also great for people who don’t like noise. 

  • Easy to assemble
  • Features Power Curve technology
  • Lightweight
  • Meant for lighter tasks
  • Low power

Our Recommended pick for the Gas: Husqvarna ST224 24-Inch

If you need a gas snow blower that can clear deep, slushy, and compacted snow, Husqvarna ST224 24-Inch is ideal for you. It is designed to clear compacted and deep snows that other models find difficult to clear. One great thing about this machine is that it is self-propelled, meaning that you don’t have to push. It can be too slow for some people since it features one reverse gear.

This snow blower features a heated handle grip that is great during cold days. It also comes with an electric start, which means that the engine would be easy to start in cold conditions. Another great feature you will love is its LED headlights, which means you can work when it is a bit dark. With no doubt, this is one of the best gas snow blowers available in the market. 

  • Strong engine
  • Features heated handle grips
  • Has an electric starter
  • LED headlights
  • Has a slow reverse gear

What does Snow Blowing mean?

Snow blowing is the process of clearing snow from the surface by using a snow blower.  Snowfall can occur during winter, fall, and spring. This snow could fall in large amounts and sometimes, in small amounts. However, a snow blower is needed to clear snow. 

Are Electric Snow Blowers Good?

So many people have asked this question – “Is electric snow blower good?” Electric snow blowers are very ideal for clearing light snow. These types of snow blowers are budget-friendly because they are less expensive than their counterparts. It is a good choice for people who can’t afford much.  These snow blowers do not require oil or gas to be powered. 

Electric snow blowers are lightweight and as such, they are ideal for clearing snows on both driveways and walkways. These machines have electric cords that need to be plugged in before they can start working.

Are Electric Snow Blowers Good

What you need to consider when Buying a Snow Blower

Before you buy a snow blower, you need to put some factors into consideration. These factors determine the type of snow blower to get.  There is a wide selection of different models and widths of snow blowers with a good number of features. A good snow blower can make things easier for you. To get a good snow blower, you should consider these factors:

Amount and type of snow

If you are using your snow blower for high mounds of heavy snow, then you should consider buying gas snow blowers since their engines are stronger than their electric counterparts. An electric snow blower might have difficulty cutting through deep snow. If the snow is light and powdery, you can consider buying an electric snow blower.


Some snow blowers make noise while in use. If you don’t want noise, you can consider buying an electric-powered snow blower. Since electric snow blowers don’t make use of gas engines, they don’t make noise.


One of the factors to consider is the ability to maneuver with ease. Electric snow blowers move easily when the rubber paddles are pulled. 

Path size

Consider the size of your walkway or driveway before buying a snow blower. For instance, an electric snow blower is ideal for a homeowner.  While a gas snow blower will be suitable for a bigger driveway or walkway. 


Snow blowers can be powered by electricity or gas. The choice of which model to get depends on some factors. You should consider these factors before buying a snow blower. You can try out our pick for both electric and gas snow blowers. A gas snow blower is ideal for tougher and compacted snow.  These models have their benefits and disadvantages.  

If you need to clear light snow, electric snow blowers are the best for this. They are ideal for lighter tasks and they are lightweight. With this guide, you will know about the electric vs gas snow blower. If you are working on a tight budget, you are advised to go for electric snow blowers since they require no gas or oil to be operated. However, you must consider what matches your requirements before you buy a snow blower. 

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