How to Choose a Snow Blower: Single-Stage vs Two-Stage Snow Blower

How to Choose a Snow Blower: Single-Stage vs Two-Stage Snow Blower

Electric snow blowers are great choices when trying to get rid of snow from small driveways, where it won’t be that stressful dragging the cord along for a while. However, for longer driveways, gas snow blowers are more preferred. They are also better for regions having heavy snowfalls.

However, in choosing the right model, we must go into further distinction: single-stage vs two-stage snow blower. Both models can be found in the gas snow blowers, however electric snow blowers are only meant for the single-stage option.

What are all these talks about stages? Why will one snow blower have two stages and the other have just one stage? Well, this has to do with the auger. The auger is a part of the snow blower that functions in sucking the snow. Asides this, it also discharges the snow. Before we choose our recommended picks for both two-stage and one-stage snow blowers, lets us quickly take a look at what differentiates both of them.

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Difference between Single-Stage and Two-Stage Snow Blowers?

The main difference between a two-stage and single-stage snow blower has to do with how they gather and transport snow. What is a single-stage snow blower? A one-stage snow blower makes use of one rotating part to get the snow before the machine does and then transports it to a pipe before releasing its contents to your preferred location.

What is a two-stage snow blower? A two-stage snow blower makes use of a rotating auger to get the snow. It then makes use of the impeller to blow out the snow in a different place. What this means is that two-stage snow blowers can blow out snow farther compared to one-stage snow blowers. This also reveals that the former will handle tougher snows that are compacted, icy, and slushy better compared to the latter.

Two-stage snow blowers usually have motorized wheels; this means that less pushing is required compared to one-stage models. Single-stage models are usually smaller and lighter than the two-stage models; this can be a plus to those having a small storage space.

The most important factor to investigate is the condition in which the snow blower will be used. If the snow is light and fluffy, then you should use a one-stage snow blower. However, if you are dealing with compacted, heavy, icy, or slushy snow, then the two-stage model will be best.

Our Recommended Picks

Our Recommended Pick for Two-stage Snow Blowers: Husqvarna ST224 208cc Two-stage Snow Blower

The Husqvarna ST224 24-208cc makes out top pick for two-stage snow blowers. With this, tall, slushy, and compacted snowbanks have no chance of survival. 

Also, if there are optimal conditions laid down for clearing powdery, light snow, this task will be completed within a very short time. 

This unit propels itself, which means that those days of going through stress pushing your snow blower will never come again. The only downside here is that just one reverse gear is present and it seems slow.

It comes with LED headlights, which means that even in the dark, your tasks can be completed. Even the cold cannot be a barrier because it has heated and electric start handlebars; this makes a lot of difference in very cold weather.

You will always get it right with this snow blower, most especially when you have so much work to complete in minimal conditions.

  • LED headlights
  • Electric starter
  • Handle grips are heated
  • Power
  • Its reverse gear seems slow

Our Recommended Pick for Single stage Snow Blowers: Greenworks 20-Inch Corded Single Stage Snow Blower

Buying a shovel is less expensive than purchasing a single stage snow blower. If money is your problem, then there are great models available. They cost less and still perform well. One of these models and our favorite is the Greenworks 20-Inch Corded one-stage snow blower.

It has a quiet motor, and still doesn’t need gas to operate – this means that there are no extra costs. It is also easy to store. This model can also be folded into a compact shape, which means that it can fit into anywhere you place it at home.

For areas that experience snow just for a few months every year, snow blowers can be kept for 6 months or more without use. Therefore, having a model that is very easy to store will be a big plus.

  • It is affordable
  • It is easy to store and can be folded
  • Powerful, but operates quietly
  • It is difficult to handle

How to choose a Snow Blower

As mentioned earlier, before choosing a snow blower, there are certain things you have to consider. Some snow blowers have better features compared to the other.

Cordless snow blowers are the best – This is because they are lightweight and easy to maneuver

Type of motor and if it runs on electric or gas will make a difference – Consider the costs involved in using gas over electric, as well as the inconvenience and convenience associated with each type.

Headlights are usually seen in the more expensive models – You might have to consider this if you will be working in the dark or at nights, especially if this snow is being cleared near a road. These headlights will not just increase your vision and help you know how far you are progressing, as well as let other motorists know your location.

How to choose a Snow Blower


As discussed above, Snow blowers come in different types. Asides being electric gas, they can also be differentiated as a single-stage or two-stage snow blowers. Husqvarna ST224 is our top pick for the two-stage snow blower, and this is because of its excellent and powerful features, while our recommended pick for the single-stage snow blower is the Greenworks 20-Inch 2600202, and this is because it is less expensive but still offers great value.

Hopefully, we have enlightened you on the differences after comparing single stage vs two-stage snow blowers. With this vital information provided above, you should have no problem making your pick.

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