Snow Blower On Sale: When Is The Best Time to Buy?

Snow Blower On Sale: When Is The Best Time to Buy?

Most individuals usually see the need to buy a snowblower when they see the first snowflake; they then rush to the nearest retail outlets with the hope of buying the right snow blower clearance and at a reasonable price.

Jen King, who is a spokesperson for one of the Home Depots of the Atlanta headquarters of the company, revealed that they try as much as possible to run lots of promotions to reach out to the people, and then convince them to come out and buy instead of waiting till they see the first snowflake.  He also said that there are lots of people that wait till the very last minute before stepping out to purchase theirs. Each time there’s a serious snowstorm, people troop out to acquire theirs.

Those contacted regarding this story revealed that there is always a sort of Pavlovian response each time people sight the winter’s first flakes. As mentioned by one of the sale associates of the Lowe’s store at the southern New Hampshire, people act in response to the weather. It is when they hear that there’ll be snow that they suddenly run to get snow blowers. It is also the same for rook rakes and salt. Now, they seem to be on the shelves and stationary and next thing, it can’t be kept in stock.

With the last winter happening to be one of the snowiest for a long time, manufacturers have decided to run their production lines longer than usual. Outdoor Equipment Institute’s Executive Vice President, Kris Kiser revealed that most producers of snow blowers manufacture other types of equipment and then change over their lines. She added that this year they decided to keep their lines going for a longer period to address the increase in demand. 

When is the best time to Buy a Snow Blower? 

Now the question is: Is it smart enough to wait till the dying minute before purchasing a snow blower? All the experts believe it’s a No. Now the question is: What time is right? Is it the Spring period when it looks like the merchandise of the prior season will be on sale? Or should it be in the Summer, when most people aren’t even thinking about snow?

CEO and founder of Snow Blowers Direct, Jon Hoch said that, if what you need is a deal as well as the best selection, then the best advice is for potential users to start searching just before the start of the snow season in August, September, as well as early October. He then added that if you decide to stay later than this, the snowblower pricing you find might be good but the selection, on the other hand, will be much lesser.

Also, Kiser added that watching the calendar closely is very important. He revealed that it is not right waiting till it is late, just like what happened in New England, because availability will be low. For instance, Minnesota sees snow earlier than normal, so it is possible product comes out early as well.

Soon, we will be discussing the significance of selection, but big-box retailers, as well as Hoch manufacturers, are good at making great decisions. 

Best Time to Buy

Normally, manufacturing is done in May, June, and July. To reduce the possibility of being stuck as a result of abundant supply during the latter parts of the season when the majority of customers are searching for lawnmowers, retail inventories are usually kept small. The two most recent winters have confirmed this fact as there has been heavy snowfall in the northern part of the United States, leading to zero or near zero in-store supplies.

Hoch revealed that as at the time of this writing, his retail outlet (online) had only one model in stock. The Lowe’s on the other hand, which is in the southern New Hampshire has no stock, and still, he has no idea of any other Lowe around that does and still doesn’t think he’ll be having any until snowfall. This same scenario goes for Home Depot where it was revealed by a sales associate that there was none in stock in their stores and that the whole area has been sold out.

A spokesperson of Home Depot, King, stressed this point saying that this year, they didn’t face any problems while selling the products and that the manufacturers themselves have been running out of stock due to the high demand.

In-store vs. Online Retail

With a lot of transactions lately performed online, it will be worth it considering the purchase of your snowblower from an online store rather than using a traditional retail outlet.

Jon Hoch revealed that early in the season, his company offers a large selection as well as free shipping and no sales tax. He also said that concerning price, they also do well competitively. Abby Buford, who is a Lowe spokesperson, on the other hand, said that customers can go online to do some research on their options and then enter the store where any question can be answered by employees as well as save some money on shipping charges. Also, most retailers provide an online option.

Why selection is very important?

All snow blowers are not created equally. Asides the differences in the brand, snow blowers also come in different types to meet the distinct needs of users. There are important features to consider before buying one. Having a good comprehension of these differences as well as your needs would go a long way in determining which snowblower is right and at the right price.

Single-stage: From the name, these snow blowers cannot draw in the snow without the help of an auger; they grind it and then send it out of a discharge chute. This type of snow blower usually has a small capacity as well as smaller engines compared to the two-stage type. They are well suited for clearing areas that are smaller and regions with lighter snowfall. Consumer Reports Story revealed that the cost of the single-stage snow blowers could fall between $300 and $900.

Two-Stage: This type has an auger in its mouth that grinds as well as pulls in snow, and then thrown out through an impeller that comes in the form of a fan. They usually have large engines as well as capacity compared to other types. They work best in clearing large areas and regions having heavier or deeper icy conditions. They could be expensive; according to Consumer Reports Story, it could be around $600 to $1200.

Cordless: These are new in the industry, and as the batteries get better, they become more powerful. They work well during light to moderate snowfalls. The batteries could be costly, so it’s advisable users choose a brand that you own their other cordless products. One great benefit of this type is their lightweight and quiet nature. There’s no need for oil changes and maintenance as well.

Single Stage Electric: This type relies on one stage to get rid of the snow, but it works with the help of an electric engine that is plugged into a socket. Compared to gas-powered machines, they make less noise; however, they have less-powerful engines and works well for light snowfall and areas like decks, walkways, etc. According to consumer reports, the price of this type ranges from $100 to $300.

Searching for a Deal?

For those searching for a great discount snowblower, or those asking when do snowblowers go on sale, it is advisable to patiently wait for the clearance sales usually held at the end of season snowblower sale.

Hoch revealed that his company negotiates with manufacturers that need to closeout a model, and then he will buy the supplies left, to give his customers these supplies at a reduced price.

Although the spokesperson of Lowe’s and Home Depot will not talk about possible promotions as well as sales at their stores, both revealed that they will give clearance sales to customers whenever there is any leftover supply. For Home Depot, they could start their sales in February, March, or April, while that of Lowe could start as early as January.

For those searching for a greater deal compared to what is provided by retailers, there are always Amazon, eBay, and CraigsList. eBay data revealed that the listings of snow blowers this year spiked in January and February and then experienced a sharp decline late in February and early March.

Snow blower


Snowblowers are great pieces of equipment that ease your stress during snow periods. Most people wait until the first snow surfaces before they rush down to purchase one to do the job. This is not the best move as it is better to get prepared now than later to get the best price and quality.

To help you get the best, we have outlined the various types as well as the used snowblower price guide. Also included are the important features to consider before making your choice. With this, we are sure you will make the best decision.

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