Snow Blower vs Snow Thrower: Which One Is Right For You?

Snow Blower vs Snow Thrower: Which One Is Right For You?

You might have wondered if a snow blower is different from a snow thrower. What do they mean and what is the difference between them? A snow blower is different from a snow thrower. It is important you know the differences between these two machines. You might have asked as well – How to work a snow blower. Snow blowers and snow throwers are both designed to clear up snow. However, these two machines are different from one another based on how they operate. If you want to know the difference between snow blower vs snow thrower, you need to understand how these two machines clear up snow. Now, what is a snow thrower?

A snow thrower is a single-stage machine that clears up snow and throws it through the chute with the help of the auger. A snow thrower makes use of the auger to throw the snow. The auger picks the snow from the ground. This machine is only ideal for clearing light snow since it only moves a small amount of snow as you work. 

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Our Recommendations

Our Recommendation for Snow Blowers: Husqvarna ST224 24-Inch

For a snow blower, Husqvarna ST224-24 Inch is a great model that is designed for clearing compacted, heavy, slushy, and tall snow with ease. It helps you to clear snow quicker without much stress. This model is very powerful and easy to work with. This self-propelled machine saves you a lot of stress and time. 

However, this model features just a single reverse gear which is considered to be slow. This snow blower is gas-powered.  Most times, you are going to clear snow in very cold weather and you will need something that can keep you warm. 

Husqvarna ST224 24-Inch features a heated handle grip that keeps you warm. It also features an electric starter that makes your job easier. Another great benefit you will enjoy is its strong LED headlights. With this, you can go as far as working in the dark. This snow blower is very strong and can clear up the toughest and most slushy snow. 

  • It features heated handle grips
  • It comes with electric starter
  • It has strong LED headlights
  • It features a slow reverse gear

Our Recommendations for a Snow Thrower: Briggs & Stratton 1696737

If you need a snow thrower that can clear light snow and ice, then you should consider Briggs &Stratton 1696737. This machine has a SnowShredder Auger that can break difficult snow formations. This machine comes with an electric start that makes work easier. Since it is very easy to assemble, you can start using it right after your purchase. 

However, the exhaust angle can blow back snow into your face, this depends on your height. If you are short, there is a high tendency this will happen to you.  Briggs & Stratton snow thrower comes with oversized controls that are very easy to hit even if you have gloves on your hands. 

  • It is very easy to assembly
  • It has a SnowShredder Auger
  • It comes with an electric starter
  • It features oversized controls
  • It has a weird exhaust angle

How to pick a Snow Blower

If you are confused whether to go for a snow blower or snow thrower, all you need to do is to consider some criteria. One of the criteria includes the amount and type of snow you need to clear. If the snow is heavy and deep, you should pick a snow blower. 

Another thing you need to consider is the path you are clearing. A snow blower is ideal for a large pathway and walkway.  Larger pathways and walkways always have tougher and slushy snows. 

The Difference between Snow Blower and Snow Thrower

First of all, a snow thrower is a single-stage machine that picks up snow at a very fast speed and uses that speed to throw it out through a nozzle. While snow blowers are designed to be two-stage machines that pick up snow in the first stage and the snow is launched away from the machine in the second stage.  

Snow blowers are bigger than snow throwers. The snow thrower machine cannot throw snow as far as a snow blower. Two-stage snow blowers are known to be stronger and bigger, and they can blow snow about 50 feet with accuracy. A snow blower makes it easier to clear snow than a snow thrower does. 

Since snow blowers are stronger and bigger, they can clear tougher and heavy snow. If you are clearing light and powdery snow, you don’t need a snow blower.  Snow blowers are wider and are great for people who need to clear more snow. A snow blower also features taller intakes that make it easy to clear deep snowdrifts. 

If you don’t know what to go for, a snow blower or a snow thrower, you should consider the amount of snow you need to clear. If you are clearing light snow, a snow thrower is a perfect choice for you. Snow throwers are less expensive and lighter than snow blowers. If you don’t have much space to work with, consider using a snow thrower. It is ideal for decks, walkways, and porches.

The Difference between Snow Blower and Snow Thrower


A snow blower and a snow thrower work perfectly well for what they are designed for. Snow throwers will help you clear up a small amount of, unlike snow blowers that are designed to clear up slushy, compacted, and deep snow. Husqvarna ST224 is what we recommend for people who need to get a snow blower. This snow blower is durable and ideal for clearing tough, compacted snow. 

For those who need a snow thrower, the Briggs & Stratton 1696737 is the perfect choice for you. This snow thrower features nice qualities that make work less stressful for you. With this guide, you don’t need to be confused about a snow blower vs snow thrower. We have equipped you with reliable information about these two machines.

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